Ophthalmologist Questions Colored contacts

Should my child get colored contacts?

My daughter wants get contacts to make her eyes look more green--right now, she uses contacts that are clear. Are colored contacts safe for her to use?

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In general I would discourage cosmetic colored contact lens use because patients who use them tend to buy them from overseas and do not get regular eye exams or learn how to clean these contacts.
They can cause damage to the eyes if they are too tight, worn for too long at a time, slept in, etc.
Colored contact lenses are thicker than some of the other products on the market. When used properly in someone used to wearing contact lenses (not sleeping in them, proper storage and cleaning, etc.), they are fine for special occasions. There is a higher incidence of intolerance to thicker contact lenses manifested by irritation, redness, and discomfort. If any of these develop, they should be discontinued.

Jane Lindell Hughes, MD, FACS
You don't say how old your daughter is, but I am guessing not very. Nevertheless, colored contact lenses are not a good idea.

Simply using regular prescription contact lenses, particularly if they are soft contacts which is what most people wear, increases your risk of serious infections such as corneal ulcers. If they are worn overnight, the risk goes up even higher. Extended wear contacts? The risk goes up even more.

But patients who need to see are willing to accept some of these risks so that they can function.

Someone who just wants their eye color to be different is taking a significant chance of harm to their eyes for a cosmetic reason. This risk can be much higher for people who get these colored contacts from novelty stores or places that don't take the time to ensure a proper fit.

Bottom line: colored contact lenses are not advisable, especially for younger people. If an adult still insists on getting these, they should at least see an eye doctor such as an optometrist to ensure that they are getting a health product and that it is properly fitted and maintained and subject to proper followup exams.
Color contacts are fine. However, like all contact lenses, she needs to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist to fit her in the proper ones.
Since she uses contacts, it should be OK