Gastroenterologist Questions Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal)


Hi i am going soon for surgery to remove my gallbladder. Right now i don't have the attack because I am trying to not eat greasy food, but sometimes I feel a very lightly pain at the back and also in the area where a gallstone is. Is that normal?

Female | 50 years old
Conditions: high blood pressure

10 Answers

This is normal either due to "gravel" or a non-functioning gall bladder.
You have what’s called asymptotic gallstones, it doesn’t take much for it to become an emergency and have acute cholecystitis, in order to prevent that it’s recommended to do cholecystectomy, hope it helps
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Yes. Go ahead with the cholecystectomy. This thing will constantly come back and haunt you.
Yes. Stay on low fat diet but eat regularly. It will be better after surgery
You can still have ongoing discomfort if the gallbladder had a recent attack. Stay away from the greedy foods until gallbladder is removed.
The symptoms you are experiencing are not unusual and could be because of your gallstones giving you additional reason to proceed with surgery to remove the gallbladder.
Gall stone cholecystitis may present with back pain, especially to the shoulder. Also, concomitant pancreatic inflammation due to gall stones can cause similar symptoms. Please talk to your doctor.
Symptoms from gallbladder disease tend to occur more frequently and more severely as time goes on. The classic symptoms are related to fatty, greasy, and oily foods, but over time, may occur with any kind of food or drink. I recommend that once you have symptoms related to gallstones that you have your gallbladder removed.

Pain in the back may be related to your gallbladder disease. Sometimes the pain radiates from the gallbladder itself. It can also be sign that gallstones have migrated out of the gallbladder and into the ducts (or tubes) that drain the liver and pancreas. If your liver tests are abnormal and you continue to have back pain, talk to your surgeon about performing a cholangiogram, an X-ray of the ducts, to ensure no stones have left the gallbladder. I routinely perform cholangiograms on all my patients, but most surgeons only perform them on a selective basis.
Very good that you've managed to avoid fatty foods, and carry on doing that. The occasional pain is most likely to be a cheat in your food. Keep on a fat-free diet to 100%. For any reason, if symptoms get worse, see your doctor.