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Can I do teeth whitening with a front half fake incisor?

I broke my front too incisor when I was very young. It is a root canal. I was told I need to first crown it then proceed with the whitening but I was wondering if I could just whiten straight away and if doing so would whiten the fake too also? Thanks

Female | 20 years old

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Whiten first then crown
A commonly asked question. Unfortunately, whitening will not lighten the restored part of your tooth. From your description, it sounds like a ceramic crown will solve your problem. Schedule a visit with your dentist to discuss treatment and provide a long-term solution to protect your tooth.

Dr. Joe Ferraro
Whitening does not change the color of dental restorations be it Bonding or Crowns. Yes you can whiten but expect the bonded tooth to not change color where the filling is.
Natural teeth will whiten and porcelain colors tend to stay the same.the root canal tooth can be whitened internally.

Also if you do a crown do whitening BEFORE..then take tooth color to match
Yes you need to get a crown on the tooth that had the root canal. The crown should be made to match your natural teeth. You cannot whiten a crown.
"Whitening" natural teeth involves slight demineralization, i.e., surface ablation of the enamel. A fake (porcelain) tooth cannot be similarly demineralized and cannot be "whitened."
If you're going to have any restorative treatments done on your teeth, it is wise to bleach first. If you are considering bleaching, then do the restorative. The crown shade, in this case, can then be matched to the bleached shade of your tooth. The opposite is not likely to be optimum.
Whitening teeth cannot happen on a ceramic crown. The only teeth that whiten are natural teeth. If you are concerned about the shade of a tooth, you could choose to do a ceramic laminate veneer or a full coverage restoration, which is a crown. We also suggest that if you are interested in whitening your teeth, you should go through that whitening process prior to selecting the shade of the new crown or veneer.
Whiten teeth first; caps do not whiten.
Fillings and crowns will not whiten, only natural tooth structure will change colors with whitening solutions.
We actually suggest to bleach your teeth first, before making the crown. Then the shade for the crown can be selected based upon the new bleach shade. A crown does not respond to bleach as natural teeth do. And certain bleach techniques MAY even be able to bleach out the broken tooth to “catch up” to the adjacent teeth with regards to shade.
Certainly all your natural teeth with enamel will show dramatic improvement however the whitening will not affect the porcelain on the crown tooth.
The teeth whitening will not have any effect on the filling or the crown. You can do the whitening on your front teeth first to get them to the desire shade, then do the crown on the tooth and match the shade.

If you only have a bonded filling on the tooth, then you can absolutely whiten your teeth now. It will not harm the tooth, but the whitening will not change the color of the bonded filling, so there could be a little discrepancy. Then, you can make the new crown match the shade of the rest of your teeth!!

I usually do not recommend placing a permanent new crown before whitening, because then you are committed to trying to bleach your teeth to match the crown unpredictably. If you have a temporary crown in place now, I would not recommend whitening now, because it could make a temporary crown turn an orangey color.

Hope this helps!!

Dr. Raj
Yes. Whiten your teeth first.

I'm very sorry to hear that you broke your tooth. The short answer is that every case is different. Without seeing the specifics of your tooth, I can only speak in generalizations. In general, you definitely would want to complete whitening prior to doing anything like a crown. You also want to be finished whitening at least 2 weeks prior to taking a shade for the crown. If there is some instability in your particular tooth, it may be recommended to fabricate a temporary crown to strengthen the tooth while you are whitening. To answer your other question, no porcelain or resin restoration will whiten. That is why you need to get to your final shade in advance.

Best of luck!

Dr. Vanessa Newton
Any whitening product on the market today will only affect natural tooth. A filling or a crown will not change color. Our office recommends that you whiten your teeth first, to a shade that you like. Then any restoration will be matched to that shade. If you do the restoration first and make it whiter than the natural teeth, you are only guessing at what shade they will be after whitening.
I would recommend whitening first to see what shade you are able to get the adjacent teeth lightened to and then do a crown. Crowns and fillings do not whiten.
Hope this helps.

Dr. Rankin
Bleaching will change tooth color, but not the color of the filling. Also, fixing your cavities and gum inflammation will improve your chances of success.
The crowns, or fillings will not change the color with whitening - bleaching

Ideally, you would whiten your teeth PRIOR to a crown! You cannot whiten a crown! If the root canal treated tooth has discolored, ask your dentist about internal bleaching for that tooth. Once this is done and the tooth is back to its original shade and you have completed whitening/bleaching for your teeth, generally, then proceed with the crown and match it to the now whitened teeth. Do remember that bleached teeth require maintenance and touch ups with whitening every 6 months or so. This will have to be done to maintain. Remember, the crown will always be this color!
Hope that made sense.

I would do the whitening first to see if you can whiten that tooth as well as the root canal tooth. Once you are happy with the shade of your other teeth, then I would do the crown. It is easier to match the crown to the tooth than it is to match a tooth to the crown. So, I always advise my patients to whiten first before crowning teeth.
I hope that helped.  
You whiten and then crown. The crown will not change colours so if you had it made first it would match your teeth but then if you whiten and the teeth get lighter then the crown stays the same colour and it will be darker and the only way to lighten it to match would be to redo the crown

Tooth-colored composite fillings and porcelain crowns ("caps", "fake teeth") do not whiten the same way as the teeth, so I would suggest you whiten to the desirable and tolerable (due to some sensitivity sometimes) shade, then proceed with the crown or other prostheses.
Normally in our office, we have the patient whiten first so that we can match the new crown to the new lighter shade. The "fake" part of the tooth, or any type of dental restoration; be it bonding, a crown, a veneer, a resin filling, a white filling, will not be lightened by whitening materials.
Whiten first. Then match the crown to the new color. Porcelain crowns do not whiten. Also everyone’s teeth whiten differently. So whiten first and then make the crown.
Always whiten first and then crown. The bonding on the broken tooth will not bleach.
Unfortunately, whitening works on natural tooth structure and usually not on any bonding so you could end up with a mismatch