Speech-Language Pathologist Questions Slurred speech

After a stroke, my husband is unable to speak clearly. What should I do?

My husband suffered a stroke 8 months ago, and now he struggles to speak. Is there anything we can do to help him?

3 Answers

Unfortunately some strokes affect the language area and can affect either understanding or expressing communications with others. Some speech therapies might help, but no definite remedy exists.
Yes. Speech therapy is recommended. At home, it would be great to get a box of objects/items and work on each day having him say it and write the name of the objects. It is great to do this repeatively each day to increase his expressive language skills.
Find a speech therapist that treats a lot of stroke patients. The longer you wait, the less chance of recovery he has. Much will depend on where the stroke was in his brain. Persistent effort pays off. Needs a lot of help with his homework doing this as well. Good luck.