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What are the advantages of a humanistic approach?

I am a 40 year old male. I want to know what are the advantages of a humanistic approach?

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Humanistic therapy is individual centered, Unconditionally supportive and often perceived as very rewarding by individuals. The humanistic approach focuses on self-fulfillment and personal ideals, The client is considered to be the therapists equal. The therapist does not claim to be an expert on the unique presentation of each individual. Therapy is a joint endeavor to create change. Often, it is combined with other therapeutic approaches.
The advantages of a humanistic approach are looking at the person that you are working with or have an interpersonal relationship with in a holistic fashion. This includes honoring their ability to search for their personal meaning and purpose. Humanistic work includes looking for strengths and goals, not focusing on pathology.

Hoorie Siddique, PhD
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