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Why does my mood change all the time?

I am a 25 year old male on anti-anxiety medication. I have been very moody lately. Why does my mood change all the time?

5 Answers

Mood disorder is very common and need to be treated with the meds to maintain the regular level of functioning and to not damage your professional and personal relationship. Very often people turn to drugs and alcohol to minimize mood swings. It is a wrong way of dealing with this problem. See psychiatrist and put your life back in order.

If you have noted recent moodiness, then it may be related to your medication and I would discuss with your physician switching to another. Anxiety itself will cause irritability so addressing it properly with the right medication is key. The best treatment for anxiety are the antidepressants and should be the first line.
The medication could be a cause, but so could cyclothymic disorder be possible.
Anxiety and Depression often coexist. It is not unusual for anxiety to show up first and then the depression. The emergence of the depression can be linked to the antianxiety medication being taken or the comorbid depression . A visit to the psychiatrist can get the medication better balanced. It is often found that the proper antidepressant can also effectively control the anxiety.
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