Ophthalmologist Questions Cataract

What can be done for cataracts?

My husband has cataracts, and I am wondering what our options are for treating these?

5 Answers

Glasses or Cataract surgery.
Unfortunately, the only available treatment for cataract is surgery. The surgery is standard, but there are a variety of options for intro-ocular lens that replaces the cataracted lens.
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Early cataracts can be treated with eye drops. Later cataracts should be operated on.
Cataract is a gradual onset cloudiness to the lens that sit inside our eyes just behind the pupil. It happens to every human at some point in life and at different rates. Cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial implant lens to correct vision.
Surgery is the only option to rid of cataracts completely. There are many options available to patients to see without glasses after surgery.