Psychologist Questions Depression

What can I do to help me overcome depression?

I'm 37, and I've been divorced for about a year now, separated for a year and a half. I still am really depressed over it. I don't like going out, and I'm pretty much isolated from both my friends and family. I don't want to take antidepressants. Is there anything that I can do to overcome my depression?

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Interpersonal therapy, exercise, and meditation.
Finding a skilled therapist is going to be very helpful in addressing your depression. I generally recommend that someone seek a therapist who utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to start. Once symptoms lessen, a more supportive, less structured type of therapy may be useful.
That’s a tough one to answer! You need some sort of life coaching and counseling. You can go on you tube and watch videos on those subjects, especially spiritual and types of spiritual awakening. There are some herbal medicine that you can take. Like St Johns Wort, but doesn’t work well. Vitamin B’s and multiply vitamins you should take. Eat healthy foods and drink healthy drinks. You can have a can of soda a day and as much coffee and tea but drink water also. Take walks out and even inside. Exercise is great to help fight depression. Depression makes one tired and lazy and you have to fight that. Watch certain films to uplift you. Hallmark channel, inspirational channel, family films, etc.
If it gets really bad, there are several hotlines you can call and ask for help such as:

3. 800-273-8255

Please reach out for help. It is hard right now, but with the help of your family, friends, and professionals, you can get past this.
This link should provide you some insight:

Dr. David J. Koehn