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What causes myoma?

I'm only 32 years old and my doctor diagnosed me with myoma. My fibroids are not large and are benign; they mainly cause heavy periods. What usually causes myoma?

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Impossible to say but very common in women. The symptoms depend of the location and the size. There is medication to dissolve these but in time they usually recur. If they are causing symptoms, then they need to be dealt with in some manner. If not, leave them alone.

Rob Muller

Unfortunately, nobody knows what actually causes fibroids (leiomyoma). These are fiber tumors that do not become cancer and they are pretty common (1/3 of women, higher rates in hispanics and blacks). Many times they do not cause problems. However, if they are located right under the uterine lining, even small fibroids can cause heavy bleeding. I know there are diets that are touted to reduce or prevent fibroids but these diets are not effective. It would be like saying a diet could prevent moles. Many times, fibroids are just observed depending on the severity of the symptoms and size. They typically will grow over time but how fast varies significantly from woman to woman.
Treatment options including – observation, removal of the fibroids, embolization (similar to a cardiac catheter but where they try to block blood vessels leading to the uterus) and the definitive treatment – hysterectomy. Since we don’t understand what causes them, new ones can appear and only hysterectomy would prevent these since there would no longer be a place for them to occur.

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Cynthia Tucker, MD
It is abnormal growth of uterine tissue. It causes early cancer. Your symptoms are most common with fibroids (myoma).