Dentist Questions Fillings

What do I do when filling falls out?

One of the fillings I've had done has fallen out and I really don't know what to. There's some discomfort in the area, but I'm not in a lot of pain. What should I do?

9 Answers

Get into your dentist right away and have it replaced. Non action can make the situation worse and cost more if you delay too long
Hello, please consult with a dental professional. There could be an underlying issue why that filling came off. Thank you for your question.
You’ll need to get it filled again
Pain of any kind in your mouth is crucial to have looked at by a dentist. Pain is usually an indicator that there is an underlying problem. You can purchase a topical ointment at a pharmacy for temporary relief, however, I do not recommend you wait to have your tooth looked at. Waiting may cause more problems.
You need to see a dentist before it gets worst.
Call a dentist as soon as possible. Dentin, the inner layer of your tooth, is probably exposed to bacteria and you need to get this fixed. You could wind up needing a root canal or crown if you wait to get this fixed.
Change your dentist
Call your dentist if you have one. If not, you can buy a temp material from the drug store to carry you through for a few days. You need a great dentist to help you.
It would be a good idea to see a dentist.