Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Tonsillitis

What does white bumps on tonsils mean?

My son has white bumps on top of his tonsils, and he's complaining of a sore throat as well. What could this be? I'm worried that it's strep.

6 Answers

Most likely of no medical significance. Normal tonsils can vary a lot in appearance.
Yes strep throat is a possibility. It sounds like your son may have exudate

It could be a tonsil infection as well as tonsil stones from retained food material.

Dr. D
Tonsils have cryptic areas. Sometimes the folds in the tonsils will retain leftover debris from the shedding of the membranes. This will allow tract local bacteria of the mouth and oral cavity give rise to a syndrome of "tonsil stones". This is actually a combination of the local bacteria of the mouth and oral cavity that may build up and attached to the areas of the folds of the tonsils that prevent elimination of the material. This can be alleviated with irrigation of the tonsil region.
Could be cryptic tonsillitis, accumulation of epithelial cells, thrush
It is either exudate from strep, or could be tonsil stones, which are a build-up of saliva and food particles in the crypts of the tonsils. Your doctor should examine and decide.

Ari Goldsmith