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What happens if a crossbite is not corrected?

I am a 27 year old male and I have a crossbite. What happens if a crossbite is not corrected?

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If the bite is stable it might be alright to leave a crossbite but doing so might place limitations on what can be accomplished as part of overall treatment goals; i.e., eliminating crowding may be more difficult if not impossible.
The problem is that it throws the bite off, so long-term, you will begin to wear the teeth in an abnormal way. Since the bite affects the jaw joints (the TMJs), it can seriously affect the function of the TMJs and chewing muscles. In a growing child, it can cause asymptomatic jaw growth. In adults, it can continue to make an asymmetry worse. There is also an effect on the airway. Just to name a few. Don't ignore it.

Dr. H

If it’s a posterior cross bite, you probably have what’s called a functional shift of your lower jaw to the side of the crossbite. This can cause potential TMJ problems and uneven wear of the posterior teeth. If you have an anterior crossbite, also know as an underbite, you are not able to incise or cut food properly and you may also have uneven wear on the anterior teeth.


Robert E. Sims, D.M.D, M.S.D.
Crossbites damage teeth and enforce all the unwanted forces to the rest of the teeth which is bad for your jaw joint. If you have a crossbite, you need to fix it asap otherwise your bite will be unstable (will change over time) and teeth will wear much quicker.
This question has been already addressed and it depends on what type of cross bite and what functional disturbance it is causing. An adult with skeletal incompatibility between the upper and lower jaws might need surgery to correct a cross bite since options are more limited in non growing patients. There are so many different types that without knowing specifically what is occurring, the question is difficult to answer on line, but an orthodontist will give you good advice and answer your excellent question.