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What is end stage bipolar disorder?

I am a 23 year old female. I want to know what is end stage bipolar disorder?

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There is no end stage. Just like sugar diabetes some people need oral medicine with diet and some people need insulin, the severity of the illness can be different. But it is a treatable disease.
I have never heard this term before. It seems to imply that there is a point of no return and no recovery for some people who have been diagnosed with this condition. I personally believe that with the right clinician, all people can be helped.
Bipolar Disorder is a very much treatable illness and even though it tends to be chronic there is nothing like end stage illness. But patient must adhere to the lifelong treatment. As long as one is on the treatment, they can function normally like anybody else.
Nonsense! That expression does not exist in official medical/psychiatric literature.