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What is the best age for face lift?

I am a 47 year old female. I want to know what is the best age for face lift?

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Hello, there really isn’t a set age. Everything depends on a patient’s skin and muscle tone and volume loss over the face. If you have any further questions or inquiries please visit my website at Good luck!
In the era before Botox and filler, the average age for facelift was approximately 50 years old. Since Botox and fillers, most women are buying extra years with them and deferring facelift till the sixties. The results, however, are often best in younger women in their 50s and even late 40s. Much depends on the particular individual's anatomy and on how important their looks are. A woman whose livelihood depends on her looks is apt to have surgery at an earlier age than a woman whose looks are less important to her.
I appreciate your concern, but understand you are not alone, as aging gracefully is something we all wish to achieve! It sounds like you are a candidate for a Mini-Facelift. My favorite technique is the MACS short scar Mini-Facelift. Developed in Europe, it is the ideal approach for the younger patient, not ready for a full facelift, or patients who desire a less invasive procedure with a shorter recovery time. I would also consider fat grafting to your face to re-define your jaw line and fill out those areas that have lost volume over time. Be certain to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.
Good luck.
There is no best age. Most patients will fall in the broad "middle-age" category. It is a matter of what you are trying to correct and what results you expect. This can only be determined in a face to face meeting with a plastic surgeon. I tell many propective patients to wait a few years and then return to revisit their situation. There is no upper limit. My oldest facelift patient was 95. It is more a matter of your desires and expectations and your overall health to withstand the rigors of anesthesia and surgery.
There is no perfect age for a facelift. It really depends on the patient's anatomy. Some patients do age prematurely, while others maintain elasticity and tone for much longer.
Hi Dear,

Having had an extensive experience in face lifts (over a 1000) I have become convinced that when the projected results of a face lift justify the operation, it is the right time. My personal approach focuses a lot on restoring an engaging, dynamic and youthful expression, not merely tightening the skin! Why let aging damages worsen irremediably when a procedure done at a relatively early age will produce splendid results and continue to be enjoyed for years?

If you want, check it out and look in the mirror and gently lift your cheeks up and back with 3 fingers.If the improvement is obvious, correcting the early neck fullness, early jowls and a tired look, you get it's time!! Often people believe that fillers will do the job, beware because more and more filler issues are arising (a.k.a. "Pillow Faces" ) and sometimes very difficult to correct. Fillers fill not lift! Computer imaging is invaluable to preview results, seek a surgeon that provides it .

For some illustrations, you can visit my site. Hope this helps.

Christian Drehsen, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
There is no special age for facial surgery. This is decided by a competent, experienced plastic surgeon. It can vary by many years on patients. Then, you have the health of the patient. Is this patient healthy enough for a several hour surgery?? It usually can be a consideration in the 60's. However, it can be years later for others.
The ideal time for a facelift is when it can meaningfully help rejuvenate the face and when one seriously wants it, knowing the risks and benefits.

McKay McKinnon, M.D.
Key contributors to determining the best time for a facelift are genetics and lifestyle (i.e., sun exposure, smoking, etc.), along with personal tolerance for the aging process. The most common age range for facelifts for both women and men is during their 40s to 60s, with the greatest frequency occurring during the 50s. Many individuals choose a “liquid facelift” of non-surgical injectables (toxes and fillers) to hold off the surgical facelift for as long as possible. Note that delaying a facelift until the later ages can result in a more noticeable "something done" appearance whereas having a facelift while in ones 40s provides a more “refreshed” look to the face. The timing of a surgical facelift for any individual is best determined in consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon.
There is no specific age --- I am a realist. At your examination, I would see what can be done and what you don't like, then, if there is agreement, you could be a candidate for a face lift. The next issue is cost; you need to be able to afford it. Sometimes young people are candidates and sometimes older ones are. I have done 35-year-olds and 85-year-olds and all in between.

William B. Rosenblatt, M.D.
Thank you for the question. I believe that there is no particular age for a facelift. Of course that 25-30 would not be appropriate. However, in my mind it depends on the laxity of the skin, the skin damages, and the changes with gravity and weight loss. You may have a lower facelift, a neck lift or a forehead and brow lift. This is a topic to go over a surgeon in your first visit, or better, with an aesthetician that can make recommendations, based on the aforementioned changes in the skin and facial structures.
Good luck!

Luis A. Laurentin-Perez, MD PhD.
This Requires a consultation. Can be late 20’s in some patients