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What is the small fluid filled bump in my mouth?

I am a 29-year-old male. Yesterday I noticed a small fluid filled bump in my mouth cheek area. What is the small fluid filled bump in my mouth?

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Sounds like a salivary gland to me or a clogged gland. If it does not resolve, see a dentist.
Have your dentist check it out
Probably water and mucus but if it comes and goes you should see your dental provider.
Depends on location if the bump is on the cheek it can be a blood blister. However if it is on the mouth side in the gum tissue below a tooth this can be an abscess which is an infection and the white/ clear fluid is pus. I would recommend seeing your dentist to verify it is an infection.
This could be a an area were your salivary gland deposits saliva and has clumped up, a mucocele, or another kind of lesion depending on the color, size, and symptoms. See a dentist to rule out any pathology and if the lesion requires any treatment.

Please understand that without an actual clinical examination it is difficult to diagnose properly. Some options could be an irritation fibroma from cheek biting, a mucocoele, an abscess, etc.
Thank you.
Hi! That depends where it is. Could be your parotid gland duct. Do you have one in similar location on opposite side? It also could be a dental infection, even if you are currently not experiencing pain. I recommend you visit a dentist.