Chiropractor Questions Neck Pain

What should I do with my persistent crick in neck?

I'm 40 years old, and I've been dealing with a persistent crick in my neck over a month now. Probably because I slept on it wrong, or something. What can I do?

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See a chiropractor as soon as possible.
Gently pull on your ears. Stretch your neck. Massage.
I would get that checked by your chiropractor. In the meantime, some light stretching of your neck can be helpful.
Your best option would be to see an Osteopathic Physician who specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. They can evaluate you for serious problems (like nerve impingement) and also treat you with Osteopathic Manipulation. You could also rule out serious problems with any physician (DO or MD) and see if they recommend injections, or some other sort of manual therapy, such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic or Massage Therapy.
Get checked by a chiropractor who takes x-rays to assess the spinal curves, then get regular adjustments.
There are multiple different approaches which may help alleviate your symptoms. Having your neck evaluated is the first step to ensure that any form of treatment will be warranted and effective. This will also enable the provider to establish if your symptoms are joint or muscle related to develop an appropriate treatment plan.
You can have this condition completely abate with proper Gonstead sitting cervical chiropractic adjustments. The infiltrative osteoarthritis, if present, must be dealt with as well.
You should go to a chiropractor when you get a crick in the neck it can come from stress, trauma, or, as you said, just sleeping wrong. so the sooner you get to a chiropractor, the sooner you will feel better.
A thorough exam with your chiropractor may help pinpoint possible reasons for your neck discomfort. While it is possible the sleeping position may be the cause, it would be pertinent to rule out other possibilities.
Neck pain that's persistent is absolutely no fun...and makes day to day life difficult and far less enjoyable. The age-old description of the "crick in the neck" nearly always has its origins in mechanical dysfunction...meaning the interplay or function of related parts of your neck aren't working correctly. Activities such as a sudden neck movement or "sleeping on it wrong" are characteristically only aggravations of this underlying mechanical problem that wasn't causing symptoms at that's also why yours has been so persistent. A thorough exam and assessment should quickly get to the cause and the physicians in our office get terrific results for people suffering from neck pain.
First step would be to obtain diagnostic imaging, which would be an X-ray. To figure out what the ‘crick’ is, exactly. Once the problem is diagnosed, then that will determine where or who you need to see in order to resolve the issue.
Range of motion exercises: look down 3 times, look up 3 times, tip head to the right 3 times and tip to the left 3 times. Repeat 3-6 times per day. Make sure you go only to a point of pain and don’t push it. Utilize CBD oil if allowed in your state.
It is time to get your neck adjusted by a chiropractic physician. If you have had the "crick in your neck" for that long, it is not going away on its own. Find a healthcare provider that performs manual manipulation of the neck or cervical spine such as a Chiropractor and have the "kink" unkinked. This is the fastest and easiest fix!
Good luck and get well soon.

Dr. Eric Miller
Ice, stretches, and, if not better in 3 to 4 days, see a chiropractor.
Get a massage.
I recommend visiting your local Chiropractor's office for an adjustment and soft tissue therapy.
Massage would help or just stretch it a couple times a day. If it hurts too bad, then ice 20 minutes, heat 20 minutes.