Cardiologist Questions Chest Pain

When do I know it is a chest pain and not something else?

I am nearing 40 and am constantly worried about my heart health. What are the signs to know when is it a chest pain and not something else? Like acid reflux, or heartburn.

2 Answers

As a heart specialist, this can be one of the most difficult questions to to answer.

To have pain in the chest is not normal. This can be due to acid reflux esophageal problems or heart related. The best way of evaluating is to go see your primary care physician tell him or her when the pain occurs, (before or after meal), exercise, strenuous effort, etc. Let your primary care doctor decipher where the pain is coming from and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.
Firstly, 40 is very young to be worried, unless there is a very strong family history. Heart pain is usually felt as a tight feeling, not a stabbing pain, which comes on with exercise, cold, or stress, and goes away with rest. The pain or heaviness in the chest can also be felt in the arms or neck at the same time. If you are in doubt, it would be wise to see your doctor.

Gerald Lewis, MD