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Where can you get help for stress?

I am a 27 year old female and I have overwhleming stress. Where can you get help for stress?

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Counselors and mental health therapists are trained professionals who can find ways to help you cope, reduce the effects of emotional stress, help you feel better and become more functional in your day-to-day activities
There are many ways to manage stress. You need to decide if you require professional help or if you can simply make changes to your lifestyle.
Time to reassess the source of your stress. Take some time to journal or meditate. Maybe take a long hike and determine what parts of your life that cause you stress are worth maintaining and what needs to be eliminated.
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Sorry to hear about your feeling overwhelmed due to stress in your life. Maybe you can do a search in your zip code area for a licensed psychologist who specializes in Stress Management like I do. You can also ask your PCP for a referral. Another option is to contact your insurance company and find a provider who will be suitable for your needs. 
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Dr. Lata Sonpal
I co-wrote the book “From Stressed to Centered: A Practical Guide to a Healthier & Happier You.” It addresses the tri-fecta of stress: assessment, management and future prevention. It’s a great first step to addressing your stress!
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For overwhelming stress, I use a three-pronged approach for treatment. This includes therapy, self-care regimens, and possibly, medication if the stress is overwhelming. Overwhelming chronic stress can lead to an anxiety disorder.

Hoorie Siddique, PhD
Therapy is a great resource for stress. You can work with your therapist to discuss the stress and develop way to learn to better manage and cope with the multiple different stressors in your life. You can contact your health insurance company to find a provider in your insurance network and also explore Psychology Today to read profiles of therapists in your area. Take care!

Thank you for your question. There are a lot of stress management strategies that you can try, including deep diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness and meditation, and other coping strategies such as journaling, reading, drawing or other forms of artistic expression, listening to music, exercise or going for a walk, petting your dog, reaching out for support from a trusted friend or family member, etc. I would also recommend seeking professional help through therapy to explore other ways of dealing with stress that you can try.
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Jenna Torres, PsyD
Stress is real, stress is overwhelming at time. I would recommend you reach out to a mental health counselor and seek an assessment. Stress is normal, but sometime stress becomes a serious issue that leads to other issues. If you brought up the question, then I am confident that you know some guidance or perhaps counseling is a good start to addressing the stress and determining the best course of action for yourself.
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Stress is typically alleviated through relaxation skills. Seeking a therapist to support you is not a bad idea as therapist can introduce relaxation activities that you have not tried or are not aware of. However, there are also apps for relaxation that offer free help with learning to calm yourself and relax. Common relaxation strategies are yoga, meditation, walking, and aroma therapy. Anything you find relaxing like long hot baths/showers, coloring, puzzles, listening to music are helpful as well.

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Patricia Harris | MA, LPC
Hello, to fully answer your question without knowing certain details will be hard. Overall, there are several things you are able to do yourself to manage your stress. You could also begin individual therapy as well. A therapist will help you identify what is going on emotionally and help you process it.
Best to see a psychiatrist first and then talk therapy with a good therapist. Call your insurance to find a good doctor and therapist that accepts your insurance.

Leslie Seiden, MD
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