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Where do you put acupuncture needles for anxiety?

I am a 39 year old female. I want to know where do you put acupuncture needles for anxiety?

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Feet, hands, head.
There are no set points for any condition, anxiety included. Every person is unique and will need a thorough exam by a practitioner to know which points to use. But it can be extremely effective, so do give it a try for a series of treatments. You'll be very glad you did.
A good practionner would know where and how to put needles for your anxieties, you better try madam.
Ear Shenmen PC6 PC7 HT7 DU24
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Every acupuncturist practices a little different and the acupuncture point prescription varies based on who is practicing and how they practice.
Anxiety can be treated with needles in the outer ear and also body points. Depending on your individual situation, the needles will be placed according to your needs. Generally, the needles are placed in the hands, feet, shoulders, ears and maybe some facial needles. Remember, the needles are hairlike and generally after they are placed you don't continue to feel them.
Each acupuncturist will probably differ a bit in how they treat anything, including anxiety. The ones I like are on the back and around the shoulder blades, the wrist crease, the top of the foot, and in the ear.
There are some common ear acupoints that deal with stress and anxiety, but where else on the body they go depends upon a TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis formulated by your practitioner. Chinese medicine takes into account the whole person, not just your diagnosis. If there are some deficiencies, for instance, the kidney channel is often affected long before there are any outward signs of anxiety. But that may not necessarily be the case for you. Doing a detailed health history before treatment, taking the pulse and looking at the tongue helps your acupuncturist to garner the information needed for diagnosis. The acupoints chosen are dependent upon all of these. Acupuncture is not a problem focused medicine but an integrated picture of the whole person. That being said, your practitioner can choose points all over the body. If you are concerned about how many needles are used or where on the body they are placed, talk to him or her about your fears and I am certain that he or she will explain what they are doing to hopefully assuage those fears. Good luck!!!
This will vary for every practitioner but if there is an area you would like to avoid, please discuss with your licensed acupuncturist before treatment. I generally use points on the head and ears, as well as the limbs, but some may choose back points. The treatment depends upon the person, addressing the root problem rather than symptoms.
It depends on the patient, the practitioner, what's going on that day, and many other factors. Usually, points will be on the head, top of shoulders, the forearms, and hands as well as the lower legs and feet. If there are any concerns with an area in particular, your acupuncturist will work with you to make sure you are as comfortable as possible with your treatment.
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The general points for acupuncture therapy to treat anxiety, you can use spleen 6, spleen 9, stomach 36. Acupuncture is not treating a diagnosis, it's treating the cause of the diagnosis and the effect after the diagnosis and correct that.


There are many different Acu points that can be used for anxiety. An acupuncturist will decide which points to use, but your hands, feet, and head points are commonly used.
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There are several places on the body to put acupuncture needles for anxiety, that would include the wrist, chest, head, ears, abdomen, legs. As you can see, there are too many for me to explain where to put them. The best thing to do is to see a licensed acupuncturist for an evaluation and be treated in the appropriate manner designed specifically for you and your situation.

Mary Hills, DACM, LAc
It all depends after having a consultation and assessment, but not any place you will say no. There are acupuncture points that are already mapped and studied.
I practice a unique system passed down from teacher to student for centuries. You could literally go to 10 different acupuncturists and get 10 different point prescriptions. And 9/10 of those might work.
The protocol will be different for each patient because each patient is different. That being said each practitioner is different as well. There are many good body points and auricular points to choose from:)
Gv 20, 26 St 36, 40.Sp 6. Ht 7. Bl 13,15,17,18.23. Ki 3. Pc 6. Lr 2, 3, 5.
You should not worry about that. The needles go In the proper place.

It depends on the acupuncturist. There are different approaches in treating anxiety and also depends on the cause of your anxiety- which is up to the acupuncturist's job to come up with proper diagnosis.
Chinese medicine/Acupuncture is individual therapy. Acupuncture point selection or needling locations depend on what is associated with your anxiety.
Where we place needles (for any condition) is determined by your symptoms, and our findings through tongue and pulse diagnosis. These three keys tell us your root condition- the reason why you are suffering from anxiety. Once we know your root condition, we can decide what points to use and how to activate them. You may find there are different points are used with each treatment.
Hello! They are placed mainly strategically on the head, ears, and limbs.
Where needles might be placed for any condition is hard to say. There are a couple reasons for this:

1. There are multiple different systems of acupuncture, each of which has a slightly different approach to treatment. Depending on what kind of acupuncturist you see, you might end up with a wide variety of potential needle placement(s).

2. A lot will depend on why exactly you are experiencing anxiety. The Chinese diagnostic and treatment model is individualized. The best way to explain this is through an example - three people could walk in to my office tomorrow complaining of anxiety and, in the Chinese diagnostic model, they might all have anxiety for different reasons. These different root causes will require three different treatment approaches. Even though they're all subjectively experiencing anxiety, they all receive different treatments and the needle placement could be entirely different for each person.