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Which is better Emax or zirconia?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know which is better Emax or zirconia?

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Zirconia is much stronger and is essential for a patient with a strong bite or who has a tooth grinding or bruxism habit. Emax is more aesthetic i.e. it looks more like natural tooth structure. It's a case of Beauty and the Beast.
Emax looks more natural and Zirconia is stronger. Your doctor will decide which is the best option for you based on your grinding habits and/or cosmetic needs.
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Generally speaking Emax crowns perform better when done correctly as they are bonded to the tooth and usually do not require extensive tooth reduction. However in some cases zirconia crowns may be the better option. It all depends on the tooth condition and bite. I suggest you find a dentist who is trained in biomimetic dentistry and discuss which material is better for your case.
In general, I use e.max in the front and zirconia in the back.
Zirconia for back teeth, emaxx for the front teeth.
They are both very good porcelain. Zirconia is stronger then eMax and a lot of dentist may use them on the molars but may use eMax in front of the molars. eMax looks better then the standard zirconia. Some of the newer esthetic zirconia look close to what eMax does,but are not as strong as the standard zirconia but are still stronger then eMax . I have used eMax on all the teeth and have not had any problem as long as I can get the proper thickness in the molar region
Zirconia is great in areas where strength is needed. Emax is great when esthetic is most important.
Good question. Both are very hard materials to use for crowns, much stronger than regular porcelain. Zirconia is superior in strength, and would be a great tooth-colored option for clencher or grinder patients, but emax is better with esthetics ( esp. with front teeth), but it is not as durable. The main drawback to Zirconia is that if it is a very short tooth, the bonding strength is not as good as other materials, no matter what cement is used. It therefore , all depends on what tooth and where in the mouth the crown is needed; confusing, yes, but hopefully that gives you a little bit more info.
e max much better
Emax looks more life-like, zirconia is stronger. If it is a front tooth, I usually like emax. If it is further back, zirconia is my preference.

Emax is a more esthetic restoration than zirconia. Choosing between the two is determined by multiple factors. If you are a grinder, zirconia would be better if it is a molar tooth. If it is an anterior tooth, emax looks nicer and it is also a strong material.
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Emax is a great strong porcelain with good esthetic and translucency, However, in areas where you have limited clearance In conjunction to a strong biting forces, Zirconia would function better. Hope that helps
Knowing what tooth you are having restored would help. E.max looks better, bonds well and is pretty strong. Some types of zirconia are extremely strong. The strong zirconia doesn't look as good.

Emax and Zirconia have different properties, which means they will have pros and cons. The first thing to consider is what type of restoration is being done (crown, veneer, implant crown, etc.). The second thing to consider is which tooth being restored (front or back). The third thing to consider the adjacent teeth. Emax generally has slightly better aesthetics; however, it is much weaker than zirconia. If it is a back tooth then the choice is clearly zirconia as it can be stained to look quite nice and you get the superior strength. If it is a front tooth, then you have a couple choices. Zirconia has an aesthetic version now which is not as strong, but looks even nicer. You can use Emax, but you run the risk of it breaking. Looking at the teeth next to the one being worked on will help as that is the aesthetics you have to match.
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The material used depends on the location of the tooth, the esthetics needed, the size of the tooth, the habits of the patient and the strength of the bite. Generally, I utilize eMax crowns on front teeth and premolars. I usually use zirconia crowns on molars, where most of the hard chewing occurs.