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Why are my bottom gums sore?

I am a 32 year old female. I notice that my bottom gums are sore. What could be the cause?

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One possible cause can be a lack of flossing and/or poor brushing technique. YouTube has videos on the subject.
When was the last time you visited your dentist? Do you floss correctly daily and brush correctly daily? Sore gums usually start with not flossing correctly and brushing correctly. Plaque forms every day. Whether you eat or not, plaque forms. Plaque is a sticky mass of bacteria. Plaque covers your entire tooth. From the gum line to the edge of each tooth this mass of bacteria forms. Plaque, this mass of bacteria, small particles of food, dead bacteria, cells your body sends to fight the bacteria and dead fighting cells crystallize after 24 to 48 hours. Your saliva contains calcium that hardens after a period of time. Hardened calcium is tartar. Plaque can penetrate the hard tartar layer that forms and gets close to each tooth and can irritate the precious gum line tissues and decalcifies the enamel covering of your teeth causing white spot areas that can become cavities. See your dentist and ask how to floss correctly and brush correctly daily. A large number of the population is starting to have problems with their gum tissue and teeth. Gum disease eventually will cause patients to lose all their teeth. Most patients don't believe this will happen. How gum disease progresses is different for each patient. Patients will have sore gums for a while, and your gums may feel okay, then the problem flares up again. Daily flossing correctly and brushing correctly is the only way to keep your mouth, teeth, and gum tissue healthy. There is no CURE for gum disease, we control it with good home care. See your dentist and get on a good home program that works for you.
Gum soreness can result from gingivitis, recession, or possible pathology. Consult a dentist for evaluation and treatment.