Dentist Questions Root Canal Treatment

Why are root canals done with several visits?

My dentist required me to have my root canal treatment done over three different appointments, rather than doing it in just one. Why is doing it over a few visits better than having root canal treatment done in only 1 appointment?

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A root canal can take many appointments because the dentist will have to open up the tooth and removed the pulp and open up the canals. This can take several appointments depending on how severe or complicated the case is. Even though this can take one appointment, the second step of a root canal is getting a crown to help restore the root canal. This CANNOT be done the same day because the dentist will need to take an impression of your teeth after the root canal treatment and they will have to send your impressions to a lab that will create you a new crown that will be placed on top of the root canal.

Thank you for your question.
It depends. If there is concern that the bacteria present are not all removed then multiple appointments may be required to make sure all bacteria are removed and the bone around the tooth has had time to heal.
Infection, bad canals anatomy
It is not better. It may be the time constraint on part of the dentist or unexpected complications such as calcification of the canals for example in which case the patient should be referred to a specialist. If the tooth is infected pt should be placed on antibiotics and during the following visit there are no contraindications to completing a RCT in one visit.