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Why do I have lower back pain?

I have bad lower back pain, and I feel like this could be because I work in an office job 5 days a week. Is this a common cause for back pain? I usually try my best to not slouch but I don't have the best posture to begin with.

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Poor posture is a very common cause of pain. I would get evaluated by your chiropractor to see what can be done to heal the pain and prevent it in the future.
This definitely could be associated. Seeing your chiropractor would help to better assess your specific situation.
Prolonged sitting AND prolonged standing are known causes of low back pain. This pain may be aggravated by incorrect posture. TRY Chiropractic! It is the number one solution for low back pain. Call to schedule your appointment!
Most back pain is from disc problems. When the disc becomes compressed it causes pain signals oh, it is usually from chronic bad posture, and long-term sitting. One of the major issues with that, is the more inflammation there is, the more your body will lay down scar tissue to hold it in place.through a process called wound contraction, that scar tissue will continue to compress the disc worse and worse until the disc finally goes out. That could be soon, or very long off in the future. You need to get it evaluated professionally, by a chiropractor.

The best course of care for a degenerative disc, is regular Chiropractic adjustments. There was a study done by an osteopath, who took 700 patience that had chronic back pain of 10 years or more oh, and had failed other kinds of treatment prior, and had them get a chiropractic adjustment for 14 days in a row. by the end of the treatment. More than 80% of them had significant release of back pain. In a three-year follow-up study they found that over 65% of those people had still no back pain.
It can be that you are subluxated (that you have spinal misalignment), a bad chair, obese, a pathology or any combination or other things. See a local Doctor of Chiropractic and let them evaluate you. Odds are excellent they will be able to help you figure it out
Let me begin by stating there are many causes of back pain. Posture and jobs that require sitting for long periods can contribute to your back pain, but it is impossible to determine the cause without a thorough exam. You should make an appointment with a chiropractor before the problem worsens.

Dr. Gene Faillace
This is a common problem in my office. When new patients come in, it's usually relieved on the first visit or at least by the third.
Try getting up every 30 min to move around. Even if it’s just for 30 seconds. Sitting is the most compressive position on the spine
More often, lower back is not necessarily caused by improper posture... If this was the case, there would be millions more people with lower back pain. Usually in my office, what I have found to cause lower back pain is due to a shifting of one or multiple segments of the spine that irritates a nerve leading to unwanted health conditions like back pain. A detailed NeuroStructural Analysis needs to be performed to determine what truly is the cause of your pain so this doesn't reoccur for the rest of your life. If you want to mask the symptom and get you temporary relief, you can focus on changing posture.
Yes this is a very common cause of back pain. The average person bends their spine forward 3500 times per day without noticing. It is important to extend the spine and stand and walk as much as possible. A sit/stand workstation is a great way to reduce the problems associated with sitting.
Poor posture from hours of sitting will cause many different type of back pains