Ophthalmologist Questions Eye pain

Why do my eyes hurt?

There is pain in my eyes. When I look around, my eyes feel sore and just hurt. They aren't exactly red, but my vision does seem blurrier. Would eye drops help make the pain go away?

10 Answers

Eye pain is a non-specific symptom with causes ranging from dry eye, irritation, to less commonly high intraocular pressure. You should visit your ophthalmologist for a complete examination to find out the reason for your ocular pain.
See an ophthalmologist.
Eyes could be very dry or inflamed from eye diseases. See your Dr
You could try using an over-the-counter tear drop or allergy drop. If your eyes are still irritated, I would suggest that you see an ophthalmologist to evaluate the many different causes for irritated, uncomfortable eyes.
Good evening and thank you for the question. This is extremely difficult to diagnose without a complete eye exam. Yes, it could be as simple as dry eye, or it could be something much more serious such as optic neuritis. You could certainly start with over-the-counter lubricant eye drops, but if the pain doesn’t resolve quickly, I would not wait to see an ophthalmologist.

Jeevan Mathura, Jr., MD
Pain in the eyes is non specific. Pain with redness indicates some level of irritation. There are many causes of this Dry eyes, corneal ulcer, iritis or inflammation in the eye. If you have not had an eye examination, this is important since 85% of vision loss is preventable. A slit lamp examination can help determine the cause. Dry eyes can be helped with artificial tears placed every few hours and these are over the counter. If no profound resolution, then an appointment should be made immediately
There are many possible causes of redness and eye pain. I would recommend getting an eye examination to obtain a diagnosis.

Frank Cao
Yes, indeed, artificial tear eye drops should help to relieve, or at least lessen the severity of these symptoms.
They might but you might be risking your vision/eye by self treating a potentially serious undiagnosed condition. See an Ophthalmologist.
Possibly. You could try artificial tear drops. If this clears your vision and the pain goes away, it could be dry eyes. It could also be many other eye conditions where tears do not help, so seek out an eye care doctor to get diagnosed and treated.