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Why do shoes give me a rash?

Every time I wear one pair of shoes, my feet break out in a rash. I'm not really sure why though. Why could my shoes give me these rashes? And what can I do to treat it?

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Yes, eval.
Are you wearing socks with your shoes? If not, it could be the material of the shoe you are allergic to, or those shoes have fungus infection present and every time you put those shoes on, you get athlete's foot. I would spray the shoes with an anti-fungal and let air dry, then maybe try that. If you still break out, it is an allergic reaction and may need to get rid of the shoes.
Contact dermatitis. Toss the shoes.
I would have to see the type of rash to be able to correctly treat it. There are multiple conservative options that work very well. Please, make an appointment with me in my Chandler office (480) 269-7130 and I will go over all of your options. Depending on Xrays (if needed) that I can take at my office and the clinical exam, I am able to diagnose and recommend different treatment options. I recommend you have this checked as soon as you can, especially since I can usually treat this without surgery very well in just one visit with me. My office is located on Dobson road, just north of Chandler Regional Hospital. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona. Feel free to ask to be seen by me specifically and I will get you in the same day or latest the next day. I take all insurances, please do not go off of the insurance list on this website as it is not updated yet. Mention that I have talked to you on the internet. I can also do the entire visit with you over the phone or video call as well, which most insurances cover, even if you are out of state and my staff can verify this for you when you schedule. Thank you and have a good evening.
Don't wear those shoes. Maybe you are allergic to them. Contact dermatitis. You are welcome.
You may have an allergy to the material in that particular pair of shoes. Best thing to do is avoid wearing that pair of shoes. If you begin to see that same reaction with other shoes, you could be tested for allergies to leather.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff 
More likely there is an allergy to the shoe or its materials. 
When shoes are constructed, different materials are used to hold them together. It is quite common to have an allergic reaction to the glue that was used in the construction of the shoe. My recommendation would be to get rid of that shoe because the problem is going to persist. Once she stopped wearing the shoes, should not need to treat the problem it should fade away
There is a possibility that you have an allergic reaction (contact dermaitis) to the synthetic material in the shoe. I would recommend avoiding that particular pair of shoes. If the rash is itchy, red, and/or burning, you should apply topical steroid cream (hydrocortisone) or topical benadryl to reduce the symptoms.
There are two reasons: the simplest, it can be due to excessive perspiration. The second, you might have an allergy to a component in the shoe. If perspiration is not your problem, then seek an allergist for a patch test.
You are probably allergic to the "tanning" compound in the leather or other material, contact dermatitis. 

Dr. Siegel
You might be allergic to something used to make the shoe. If it is all different types then could be excessive sweating. Go to your local Podiatrist for an evaluation
This sounds like a contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction. You can try Benadryl to treat the rash if it hasn’t resolved. More importantly you should see what is different about this particular pair of shoes. In particular what material is the shoe made from and avoid that material. You should also see an Allergist to see if testing or other treatment is necessary.
It could be an allergic reaction to some type of chemical that was used to make that one particular pair shoes. Easy answer is to avoid wearing the shoes.

Jonathan M. Kletz, DPM

You could have an allergy to the material or dye in the shoe. You could also be developing athletes foot if you sweat a lot in shoes.

Dr. Lui
You may be developing a hypersensitivity reaction from the material in your shoes. Normal perspiration from our feet with cause leaching of certain chemicals out o the shoe materials and this may cause the rash. It may be time to retire that pair of shoes
Are you allergic to the material? That could be the reason.
The shoes may contain a material that you are allergic to. I recommend you stop wearing the shoes and the rash can likely be treated with over the counter topical steroid cream. I recommend you be evaluated by a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) to confirm that the shoe is the cause and the proper treatment
It could only be the material or the dyes that you’re reacting to. It’s an allergic dermatitis. Figure out what the shoes are made and colored with. You can go to an allergist. Stop wearing that pair of shoes
It's possible that the pair of shoes that makes you break out in a rash is causing an allergic reaction from the material.