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Why does my sister get so angry at times?

My sister is 19, and her anger has gotten worse over the years. Her doctor said that she's depressed and had put her on meds, but they don't really help her. What else could be causing my sister's anger? Should she see a psychologist?

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Dear Concerned Sibling,

I thank you for your needing to help your sister. It certainly is a good idea for her to see a licensed psychologist to figure out the roots and origins of her anger so she can heal and release the unnecessary anger. Sometimes people do express their depression through their anger. Has she read a book titled "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns for depression? You may want to recommend it to her. There is also a book by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama called "Healing Anger". She could also read "The Art of Happiness" by HHDL.

Take care,

Dr. Lata Sonpal
Yes, medications is only one part of the treatment. She can try some talk therapy. It can help her a lot.
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Anger can be a symptom of depression. If the medication is not working, maybe your sister should consult with her physician to try a different dosage or different medication. Psychotherapy may help identify the core conflict that triggers the anger, and psychotherapy in conjunction with medication is effective for many people.

Thank you,

Patricia Harris | MA, LPC

Without more information it would be impossible to know why your sister is struggling with anger. I would recommend that she consider meeting with a counselor/therapist/psychologist if she is interested in developing an understanding of this for herself. Family therapy may also be useful.
Yes that would be good. There are a few reasons for that and a good therapist might be able to help for sure. It’s getting her to go see one
Anger management is an issue that needs to be addressed. Seeing a psychologist would be beneficial if she is willing. THis link will provide you some insight into your Q:

Hello and thank you for reaching to get answers about your sister. It is really hard to say why your sister gets so angry and why it has been getting worse. Most times medication will not help if there are underlying reasons. Yes, I would suggest your sister see a counselor. It does not have to be a psychologist. There are also Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers. They are all therapists with different was of treating various mental health issues. If your sister is interested she or both of you can look into the various choices and make an informed decision.