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Why is my mole turning darker?

I am a 40 year old female. A mole on my shoulder is becoming darker. Why is my mole turning darker?

4 Answers

This could mean it is turning into melanoma. You should have it checked immediately.
This needs to be seen by your dermatologist.
Get it evaluated. for more info.
The ABCDE is a warning sign system for the lay public to evaluate moles (beauty marks and birth marks) for a potentially serious problem known as malignant melanoma--a potentially deadly disease. A stands for asymmetry, if one side of the mole doesn't look just like the other side. B stands for border, i.e. the border is irregular like the coast of Maine or California, rather than smooth. C stands for color--if there are variegations of colors: red, white, blue, back, purple, very dark brown, rather than a lighter even tone of brown. D stands for diameter, i.e. if the mole diameter is larger than a pencil eraser. And finally, E, if the mole is evolving, i.e. changing size, shape, color, begins to itch, become tender, bleed or scale. Your mole is changing in color--getting darker. That means you get to a dermatologist for evaluation. And it is extremely important you do so asap.