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Why is my toe bleeding randomly?

I stubbed my toe last week, and it's still swollen and I'm in pain. It's bleeding randomly as well from my nail. Could there be something wrong with my nail that's causing it to bleed? What should I do?

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Need an eval.
Likely you damaged the nail and it has lifted off the underlying tissue and the bleeding is from the swelling as long as it is not infectious looking. I would wear a band-aid and go see a podiatrist to have this looked at.
Sounds like a sublingual hematoma (blood under the nail). Usually the doc will drain it or remove the nail.
Its probably ingrown and needs treatment. This will progress if left untreated. There are multiple conservative options that work very well. Please, make an appointment with me in my Chandler office (480) 269-7130 and I will go over all of your options. Depending on Xrays (if needed) that I can take at my office and the clinical exam, I am able to diagnose and recommend different treatment options. I recommend you have this checked as soon as you can, especially since I can usually treat this without surgery very well in just one visit with me. My office is located on Dobson road, just north of Chandler Regional Hospital. Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists of Arizona. Feel free to ask to be seen by me specifically and I will get you in the same day or latest the next day. I take all insurances, please do not go off of the insurance list on this website as it is not updated yet. Mention that I have talked to you on the internet. I can also do the entire visit with you over the phone or video call as well, which most insurances cover, even if you are out of state and my staff can verify this for you when you schedule. Thank you and have a good evening.
Probably something wrong with the nail. It may be loose and need to be removed.
You could have a broken bone in your toe or infection. Either of these can cause bleeding. They can be quite dangerous. An infection in the bone could cause you to lose your toe. You need to go to a podiatrist or family doctor as soon as you can.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff 
Chances are the nail lifted from the bed. Only an X-ray will tell if you injured the bone.  
You might have torn your nail bed and every time the nail moves it creates bleeding. See your Podiatrist. In the mean time place a band-Aid over the nail to reduce motion.
You should see a physician to be sure of any damage.

Dr. Gorman
If you separated the nail from the nail bed that would cause bleeding from under the nail. See a podiatrist would can advise you of things you can do
There may be a wound under the nail that is continuing to get irritated you may even have an open fracture. This should be evaluated by your podiatrist ASAP.
Probably granulation tissue from the ingrown nail. Go see a podiatrist and get it fixed asap!!! Not a big deal!

Dr. Siegel
Sounds like the trauma to the toe has causes a hematoma, which is why you are bleeding. This is referred to as a subungual hematoma. You should see a podiatrist to either have the hematoma drained, or the toe nail removed so that this can heal and a new nail could grow unencumbered.

You probably have an ingrown nail. Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to have it removed. In the mean time soak the toe in warm water with Epsom salts once a day.

Dr. Lui
Thanks for your question. It is possible that you have a nail bed laceration. I would go see a professional so they can r/o a fracture and possibly remove the nail. Good luck to you.
You need to see a doctor. You could have any number of problems including but not limited to traumatic avulsion of nail to fracture or dislocation. The problem may be simple or you may unveiled a more serious problem that had not gotten your attention yet.
I would get it evaluated by a specialist. You may have an ingrowing toenail, which may be infected.
Stubbing your toe can cause more than just problems with the toenail. I would recommend that you see your local podiatrist as soon as possible for an x-ray to make sure there is not a fracture. This can lead to many problems if not treated correctly and as soon as possible.
You may have broken your toe bone. The trauma may also have had the nail cut the skin. Either way you should see your podiatrist to take an xray and get your healed. It should not be bleeding continuously
You could have developed blood under the nail (subungual hematoma) which could keep bleeding from time to time. The nail may need to be removed to look and make sure there is nothing wrong with the nail bed.
Since there has been an injury, there may be damage to the tissue under the nail, called the nail bed. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) to be evaluated and treated
You most likely have an ingrown toenail or it may even be infected. See a podiatrist to havevit taken care of ASAP.
If you are having random bleeding with the nail there is a possibility of a lesion deep to the nail that should be evaluated and possibly biopsied.