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Dr. Jovita Oruwari is a surgical oncologist practicing in Ballwin, MO. Dr. Oruwari specializes in diagnosing, staging and treating cancer-related symptoms. Surgical oncologists also decide if the patient is a candidate for surgery or other cancer treatments based on certain factors such as age, physical fitness and other possible coexisting medical conditions

Education and Training

Umdnj-New Jersey Med Sch- Newark Nj 1993

Rutgers 1993

Board Certification

SurgeryAmerican Board of SurgeryABS

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Dr. Jovita Un Oruwari MD
Dr. Jovita Un Oruwari MD's Expert Contributions
  • How long is the recovery from a mastectomy?

    Recovering from mastectomy surgery is 2-6 weeks. You will be up and walking around. Just sore around the chest. No heavy lifting. READ MORE

  • How invasive is a tumor removal?

    Yes, it is invasive in that an incision would need to be made to get inside to remove the mass. This is done while you are under anesthesia. READ MORE

  • Are surgical consultations used for women receiving mastectomies?

    You were most likely diagnosed on a needle biopsy. The next step would be to meet the surgeon. They are the ones that give you the surgical options and explain what to expect with surgery and recovery. READ MORE

  • Is it better to have open or closed biopsy?

    Always best to start with needle or closed biopsy. You need to ask if there is a reason he does not want to do a closed biopsy. Sometimes it is technically not possible. READ MORE

  • What is the best treatment for breast cancer?

    Options for breast cancer treatment is a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. There is no ‘best’ treatment. They all act on cancer differently. Your cousin’s doctor will outline a treatment plan for her particular case. READ MORE

  • Can cancer come back after surgery?

    Yes, cancer can return after surgery because it is possible to have microscopic cells left behind. But if you are feeling a lump soon after surgery, it may just be scar tissue. You must follow up with your doctors to evaluate you. READ MORE

  • How should I prepare for my lumpectomy?

    It is typically an outpatient surgery. About 30-40 minutes. Small incision with dissolvable sutures. Take it easy at home. Can shower and wear bra next day- make sure it’s okay with you’d surgeon. There will be some discomfort and most surgeons will put you on a narcotic for pain. No prep before hand. Just nothing to eat or drink from midnight the night before. If you take blood pressure or diabetes medications ask your doctor how you should take it before surgery. READ MORE

  • How long is the recovery for breast reconstruction surgery?

    Recovery is 4-6 weeks. In that time, she should be able to be up and walking around. She should avoid any lifting or overuse of her arms. There will be some pain or discomfort. Her surgeon will give her a prescription for pain medicine. READ MORE

  • Is a biopsy done through radiology?

    There are 2 types of biopsy- needle and surgical. The needle biopsy takes a small piece of the lump to test it and a surgical biopsy removes a bigger piece or the whole mass. A needle biopsy can be done in the office without radiology if the doctor can feel the lump. It is done by radiology using ultrasound, mammogram, MRI, cat scan if the doctor cannot feel the lump. A surgical biopsy is done in the operating room by a surgeon. READ MORE

  • My son is so small! Will general anesthesia hurt him?

    The anesthesiologists dose people based on their weight. So it is very safe. READ MORE

  • How does radiation therapy work on cancer?

    Sorry about your son’s diagnosis. Radiation is often used first for some cancers to shrink the tumor. It works by using X-ray beams to kill cancer cells. Once radiation is done, surgery may be needed to remove residual tissue that may still contain cancer cells. I can’t comment on the safety of removal as I am not your sons treating physician. They should be able to answer that for you. But if the tumor is in a place that is accessible, then it should be okay. They will go over risks and possible complications with you prior to surgery. I wish your son the best. READ MORE

  • My husband had to have surgery for his tumor. Is it likely that all the cancer is gone?

    The surgery will remove the tumor or cancerous mass. It is impossible to know that all the cells are gone. Sometimes depending on the cancer type and pathology we need to add radiation and/or chemo to get the cells we can’t see. READ MORE

  • Will removal of a cancerous tumor cause cancer cells to spread?

    Sorry to hear about your abdominal tumor. Surgery to remove a cancerous tumor will not cause it to spread otherwise we would not recommend surgery to you. The goal of all doctors is to do no harm to the patient. Good luck with your surgery. READ MORE

  • How to get rid of fluid in the lungs?

    Yes, fluid can be removed from the lungs with a needle. It is a common procedure and relatively safe. It would make her more comfortable as she’ll breathe better. READ MORE

  • My husband has a cancerous tumor. Would all the cancer be gone once it's removed?

    Surgery will remove the cancerous mass that the surgeon can see or feel. What we can’t guarantee is removal of cancer cells that we can’t see. A lot of times after surgery, radiation or chemotherapy is added for that reason. Jovita Oruwari MD FACS READ MORE

  • Can cancer cells be removed surgically?

    Yes, cancer cells can be removed surgically. But this depends on two things: 1- Have we verified that the cancer cells are present with imaging and pathology? 2- Is it in a part of the body where we can get to surgically? Jovita Oruwari READ MORE

  • Can cancer cells be removed surgically?

    Yes, cancer cells can be removed surgically. But this depends on two things: 1- Have we verified that the cancer cells are present with imaging and pathology? 2- Is it in a part of the body where we can get to surgically? READ MORE

  • Surgical oncologist for a third opinion?

    There are 3 types of oncologists involved in breast cancer treatment. The surgical oncologist who does the surgery. The radiation oncologist for radiation and the medical oncologist for chemotherapy if needed. Any of them can discuss the cancer and treatment options although it is best to start with the surgeon. The surgeon will then send them to the other oncologists for further treatment. You should get as many opinions as you feel you need and as long as your insurance allows it. Note though that they will all probably give you the same recommendations READ MORE


  • Breast Surgery
  • Gynecomastia
  • Breast Cancer
  • Pain
  • Vascular Disease
  • Lymphedema


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