Chun-I Lee, Dentist
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Chun-I Lee


Cape Town Western Cape,


Dr. Chun-I Lee is a Dentist practicing in Cape Town, Western Cape. Dr. Lee specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

Education and Training

University of Cape Town

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 15 years of experience
Chun-I Lee
Chun-I Lee's Expert Contributions
  • What can't you eat with partial dentures?

    In my opinion, it depends on whether it's the front teeth or back teeth. But in general, try to avoid biting something very hard. Other than that, you should be able to eat with the denture. READ MORE

  • Should I clean partials every day?

    Hi Yes, dentures should be cleaned every day. Preferably rinse it after meals. READ MORE

  • Does it hurt getting a crown on an implant?

    Hi No, it shouldn't be painful. It's not a surgical procedure, not invasive. READ MORE

  • Can damaged teeth affect other teeth?

    Good day, What do you mean by "damaged teeth" and "affect"? The effect depends on the severity of damages. For example: The tooth is rotten (tooth decay) with an abscess. It definitely will affect the adjacent teeth. There are lots of factors that we needs to look at in order to provide a proper treatment plan. I advise you to visit your dentist to have a proper consultation. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Can you be addicted to pain medicine after dental surgery?

    Good day, I cannot say it won't happen as every individual are different, but from my experience, it is highly unlikely to happen. I advise you to go speak to your dentist if you are experiencing this issue. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Does getting new dentures hurt?

    Good day, The new denture should fit your current anatomy, it shouldn't cause pain or discomfort. You can also request your dentist to make the denture as similar as possible to your current denture. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • If part of my braces fall off, is it an emergency?

    Good day, I recommend you visit your orthodontist as soon as possible. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Any treatments for canker sores?

    Good day, The following website gives a quite clear info about canker sore: I advise you to use Chlorhexidine mouthwash (such as Corsodyl) to rinse the mouth, and apply oral gel on the ulcer. It should heal soon. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Can a missing tooth cause problems in my mouth?

    Good day, If you look from two aspects, appearance and function (speaking and eating), and does not bothers on either of the aspects, it’s fine to leave it as it is. However, just keep in mind that the opposing tooth and adjacent teeth may shift towards space within times. Kind Regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • What's a root canal for the front teeth like?

    Good day, The procedure for the front teeth is similar to the back teeth, even earlier, because of easy access and visibility and only a single canal. Compared to the back with multiple canals, front teeth should be easier and less time required. However, it depends on the condition of the tooth itself (e.g., the severity of infection, etc.), so only your dentist has the best knowledge of the difficulty level for the treatment. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • My son is sucking his thumb with adult teeth. What can happen?

    Good day It will be better to correct this habit because it can interfere with teeth growth, which may result in open bite. Kind Regards Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • A huge gap in dental treatment. What should I expect?

    Good day, I advise you to go for a dental check-up. The dentist might advise you to do scaling and polishing (routine dental cleaning, advisable to do every 6 months). During the examination, the dentist might take small (localized section) and/or big (full mouth) X-rays to see if you have any tooth decay in between the teeth or other problems such as tooth impaction, etc. Dental cleaning usually is painless, however, you might feel sensitivity in certain areas due to cold water. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Is dry mouth possible because of my inhaler?

    Good day, Yes, it is possible. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • How can I stop my child from thumbsucking?

    Good day, Thumb sucking will eventually cause her front teeth to have an open bite, which can affect her appearance and function (rating and speaking). What you can do is maybe try putting some spicy paste or sauce on her thumb and she might stop. If it doesn't work, then you will need to take her to a dentist to make an appliance to wear. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Can dentists treat sleep apnea?

    Good day, Yes, it's true, however, every individual is different, so it also depends on how severe the condition is. So, my advice is visit your dentist and have a proper consultation in order to get a more accurate treatment plan. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • I grind my teeth while I sleep. Should I get a mouth guard?

    Good day, Yes, it is advisable to get a mouth guard. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Will asprin help my tooth pain?

    Good day, I don't recommend aspirin for toothaches; it thins your blood. If it ended up having to be pulled, it will cause lots of bleeding. You can take some Panado with Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) and make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • One of my molars is severely worn down. Can this be repaired?

    Good day, Yes, there's ways to fix it, however, it's not simple just to fill it up; there are lots of facts that we need to consider, e.g., your bite relation, opposing tooth, and cause of wear. My advice is to go visit your dentist and have a proper consultation and treatment plan. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • What is the earliest age someone can get braces?

    Good day, It depends, every case is different. Children at a young age may have removable appliance if necessary, whereas for fixed (braces), usually around age 11~13. My advice is visit your dentist for a proper consultation. Kind regards, Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

  • Are there any natural treatments for oral thrush?

    Good day Oral thrush usually is due to fungus infection. You will have to identify the cause and then manage it. It can be a minor infection, but it can also be a sign of systemic problem. My advice is visit your dentist for a proper consultation. Kind Regards Dr. Chun-I Lee READ MORE

Professional Society Memberships

  • The South African Dental Association

What do you attribute your success to?

  • What he's learned and sharing knowledge with his patients for preventative care.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Martial Arts, Basketball

Favorite professional publications

  • Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry

Chun-I Lee's Practice location

Cape Town, Western Cape
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