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Dr. Robert DiMonda, DC, FICPA, is a Chiropractor practicing in Naperville, Illinois. Dr. DiMonda has an established practice, and specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. DiMonda Chiropractic is a family owned practice; conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, migraine, scoliosis, disc herniation, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. DiMonda seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine. He uses Gonstead Method Chiropractic and Activator and Bio-Energetic Synchronization Techniques; in addition, he is certified as a non-invasive pain management specialist, and utilizes neuro-muscular re-education; he is a certified Chiropractic Pediatrician, treating children and infants. Dr Robert DiMonda and his daughter Dr Elisa Sena welcome you to a natural health care experience that will change your life and health, increasing your immune system and your endurance.

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National College

National College of Chiropractic BS, DC 1979

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Board Certified International Pediatric Chiropractor

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Male English, Spanish 41 years of experience
Dr. Robert Vincent DiMonda DC
Dr. Robert Vincent DiMonda DC's Expert Contributions
  • Adjustments and Fructose Malabsorption Syndrome

    A 10 year old female entered our offices with her mom. She was very distraught, shaking, and extremely weak. Her mother had been traveling all around the country, striving to find help for her daughter. In total, she has taken her daughter to 14 pediatric centers. The doctors told her that she had a...

  • My mother in law has severe pain in her hips. Can a chiropractor help?

    At age 72, there may be osteoarthritis of the hip joints. A simple flat plate x - ray would tell us this. If the hip joints are normal, then the hip pain is most likely coming from the lumbo-sacral joint, or a basic pelvic distortion pattern. These bio-mechanical problems could be 100% the cause of the hip pain, and are fixable with specific scientific gonstead adjustment. READ MORE

  • My left shoulder seems to sit lower than my right. Can it be resolved?

    The differential question needs to be knowing the exact location of the pain. Nerve tracing can be helpful here and it is done at our offices with a thermograph scanner. A postural full spine x-ray will ascertain the pelvic bio-mechanics, and show the doctor what has to be done to correct this. READ MORE

  • Are there exercises to manage gout pain?

    Gout is a painful and serious condition, in which your body does not handle uric acid properly. There are some simple things you can do that will help:(1) drink natural cherry juice; (2) avoid red wine, beer and excessive red meats; (3) eat tons more green vegetables; (4) a chiropractic evaluation would reveal nerve impingement that supply the knees and the ankles; (5) micro-current therapy to the sore joints would serve to help remove the uric acid crystals that have built up in the ankle and knee joints. READ MORE

  • Why do I have pins and needles in my legs?

    A nerve scan and full spine x-ray would determine the condition of the pelvis and the lumbar nerve roots and discs. Because these structures supply nerve and blood supply to the legs, detecting nerve impingement would result in an increased blood and nerve supply, thus eliminating the pain, pins and needles feeling and discomfort on the legs. READ MORE

  • Why does my back feel sore?

    Check your mattress. A poorly supportive or older mattress is usually the cause of back pain upon waking. In addition, strengthening the body's core muscles will help. READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractor helpful in treating kids?

    Here at dimonda chiropractic we are certified in chiropractic pediatrics. In addition to the benefit in treating pregnant women, children benefit greatly with chiropractic care when is is necessary. With what you have mentioned about your 5 year old son, he may have hurt himself by some activity, or he may have fallen during play. He needs a chiropractic bio-mechanical evaluation and x-rays to determine what spinal segments are out of place. A word of precaution: do not let you son go unchecked, as he will not out-grow this present problem, and it can express itself later on in his adult life, causing greater nerve problems. READ MORE

  • Why do I have a sharp knee pain?

    There are multiple factors that cause this knee pain; it is possible that you have damaged you knee meniscus (cartilage), and it is flared up now. There could be a ligament injury from past athletics. An mri of the knee may be necessary after an x- ray is taken; micro-current modality applied to the damaged knee area, will speed up the healing process by over 250%. READ MORE

  • Experiencing numbness and pain after elbow fracture treatment. Why is this happening?

    Physical therapy can help you greatly; electro-acuscope/myopulse treatments can be used to change the healing environment of the damaged joint. Specifically, your pain and numbness are most likely due to post-surgical swelling. READ MORE

  • I have just suffered a slip Disc. After how long can I start by back exercises?

    Did you have a confirming mri and was the disc bulging or herniated? It is necessary to know this. Spinal correction with specific scientific chiropractic adjustment is essential. This rehabs the injured 'slipped' disc and it will prevent future disc problems from degenerative disc disease. READ MORE

  • I had back surgery. Should I see a chiropractor or avoid it?

    This is an important question to ask. The answer is yes if the chiropractic doctor has training and certifications in corrective spinal bio-mechanics. The doctors at our offices are trained this way, and you would benefit from a spinal work-up and diagnostic evaluation. We are trained in specific scientific chiropractic adjustment/ gonstead method, as well as other therapeutic tools for your condition; we are also trained in activator instrument 'low force' adjusting and 'no force' adjusting, called b.E.S.T. Chiropractic. READ MORE

  • I am having a lot of hip pain in pregnancy. Can a chiropractor help?

    Yes absolutely, and it is very effective for the pregnant woman and safe for the baby as well. No x-rays are recommended due to your pregnancy, so the doctor of chiropractic will test you to determine the areas of subluxation or irritated nerves, and then he would devise a corrective regime. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me with my neck pain?

    After a diagnostic full spine x-ray is done, the cause of your neck pain can be determined. A chiropractic doctor desires to find this cause of your pain or symptoms. He must checkout your spinal bio-mechanics and devise a corrective treatment plan, utilizing specific scientific adjustment. Pain and or stiffness will not return to the patient, when correction is completed. Posture will naturally improve when the neck bones are in their rightful place. READ MORE

  • I am having knee pain after dancing in heels. What should I do?

    Try using a slight heel that you can increase gradually; the heels increase your back curvature, putting pressure on the wedging of the disc. You might benefit from specific scientific adjustment to check out the spine and related structures, if using even a slight heel does not help. READ MORE

  • Is slipping of a rib common with age?

    'Rib subluxations' are common. A 'slipped rib' is out of place and needs to be put back in place by a trained chiropractic doctor. Even at your present age, specific scientific chiropractic adjustment would put that rib back in place, and then you will feel so much better. In addition, neuro-muscular re-education treatments with 'electro-acuscope' at our offices would reduce pain and swelling and afford stabilizing the rib head that was injured and out of place. READ MORE

  • I am suffering from neck and shoulder pain since I was a child. What should I do?

    It seems that there may be a history of injury that could be the cause of your problem; perhaps a problem that began many years ago. As you raise your hands up you are increasing the disc pressure, pulling on the delicate nerve structures. If your neck bone is out of place or mispositioned, it would account for this pain. The neck nerves go directly to the shoulder as well. This problem can be corrected completely, as long as the the cause is identified. READ MORE

  • Back exercises after adjustments?

    Some questions need to be answered first. What is the cause of the back pain? Was it properly diagnoses with nerve scan, examination and x-ray? A disc problem does not need exercise at the onset of the treatment plan. After chiropractic correction of the spine is completed then core strengthening exercises are beneficial, along with a host of other low back exercises designed to support the back. I.E.: leg extensions, leg and hip flexions; leg lifts, and others. The timing as to when you would start exercises is vital. READ MORE

  • Should I see a chiro after a car accident?

    Absolutely not too late to see a chiropractor. It is essential to have your spine checked out after an accident, as the doctor of chiropractic is specifically trained in these whip-lash type injuries. Proper treatments prevent future problems and further degenerative changes that happen after trauma to the spine and neck. READ MORE

  • My left shoulder is broader than the right. Is this a growth problem?

    A very interesting finding. While I have seen this, it is not common. My first thought is to discover why the muscular formation is so different on that smaller right side. Is it congenital? Is it circulation, and/or nerve innervation? Is it related to past injury? There is always a reason. The doctor/clinician needs to find it. And yes, in most cases we will see marked improvements and/or complete restoration READ MORE

  • Why does my back crack so much during an adjustment?

    This noise is referred to as 'cavitation', as it's due to the normalizing of discal pressure inside and outside of the disc and/or joint capsules. This is a healthy sound, as the disc is receiving needed nutrients from outside. (note: the capillary bed inside the vertebral disc disappears naturally, at the approximate age of 22. So the disc tissues get their nutrients by this cavitation process. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors typically take x-rays?

    Yes. X-rays are taken to properly diagnose a patients condition and to rule out pre-existing conditions. Most importantly, to discover the subluxation complexes (mal-alignments) present to obtain accurate bio-mechanical and structural information, necessary to formulate the treatment plan for the patient's condition. In addition, any pathology present will be revealed by x ray analysis. X-ays are a key diagnostic tool for determining structural improvements after correction has been completed. READ MORE

  • My husband has a bone growth in his ankle. What should we do?

    Sometimes conservative treatment with micro-current modalities can help this problem. Need to see an X-ray first before determining this. Your husband may need to consult with an orthopedic doctor to investigate this further. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

    Yes. The reason for this is that often the muscle pain is due to irritated nerves in the spine from activities, exercises, injuries, sports, etc. Releasing these nerve impingements with Gonstead specific scientific adjustments results in normal muscle function. READ MORE

  • Are there side effects to chiropractic adjustments?

    Great question. Based upon 40 years of clinical practice and experience, I have never seen a negative side effect from a properly administered specific adjustment. After a correction, there can be some soreness as the body must have time to re-acclimate to bones in a new, correct position. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractic adjustments help with chronic lower back pain?

    Yes, and a detailed diagnostic exam, nervoscopic exam and full spine postural X-ray need to be done. There are always reasons for chronic pain patterns, and you will find the cause with the diagnostic tools. READ MORE

  • What would cause middle of the night severe knee pain?

    A post-traumatic injury can cause damage to cartilage and ligaments. Did you play sports in HS or college? This must be evaluated. This type of stabbing pain indicates meniscus damage in most cases. First, an X-ray is necessary, and then a follow-up with an MRI of the affected knee will tell more detail of the soft tissue. READ MORE

  • Does overactive thyroid cause neck pain?

    I do not believe an overactive thyroid is solely responsible for the neck pain. However, a thyroid scan may be helpful to check out if there are any thyroid nodules, etc. Your neck should be checked out by a chiropractic physician, trained in Gonstead chiropractic correction. READ MORE

  • My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

    Postural problems can be difficult, as the body conforms to what "feels best." But what feels best may not be the best. It may be a compensation for numerous subluxation complexes -- pinched nerves -- needing correction. A specific Gonstead spinal evaluation will show the problems associated with this need to slouch. Gonstead-specific adjustment correction will alter and change your posture for a lifetime! READ MORE

  • My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

    I have seen great results with bell's palsy patients as the spine adjustments specifically return functionality to the neck, releasing blocked nerve impulses to the facial muscles. Specific spine adjustments reestablish nerve flow, so necessary for the healing of the nerves affected by this viral attack. READ MORE

  • I have sudden pain in my left leg. How can it be treated?

    You what may be a sciatic neuritis. This can come on suddenly. If treated soon after the onset, the results can be quick to come and the healing established. A Gonstead spine work-up with a nerve scan, physical exam, and X-ray will determine the segment(s) that need treatment. READ MORE

  • Can being overweight lead to flat feet?

    Flat feet are not caused by being over weight. There are three arches in each foot. They are breaking down, and we need to find out why this is happening. A foot orthotic custom made for your feet, will be very helpfull, after your Computor Gait Analysis is done READ MORE

  • Can't turn head right after alignment

    As a practicing chiropractic physician with 40 years experience, I have seen at times, patients who would respond with more symptoms after the adjustment. You should ice the sore neck and call your chiropractor. Assuming that the chiropractic doctor did a specific spinal corection, this "flare-up" is a common occurance of this type of injury/ condition. Removing the swelling with ice therapy, "micro-current" modality, and non-force adjustments will get you out of this. I would also suggest anti-inflamatories, ie. boswella, tumeric, curcumin, nettles root, etc. READ MORE

  • I have a burning pain all over my thighs. What could be causing this?

    This could be a circulation problem. How did this happen? Is it a pulled muscle? However, in most cases we see that it is the nerves in the spine and the legs that are the causation. . Many cases, it is a sciatic neuritis that results from a lumbar bulging disc may be the cause. In addition, the nerve and muscle can be treated with physio-therapy with electronic acuscope -- a great modality to treat this. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with migraines?

    This is a great question. Many of these intense headaches are caused by cervical vertebral mal-alignment, and pinched nerves; when these are determined and and fixed, the migraine disappears. Throw your medicine away, and replace it with a progressive corrective spinal treatment, designed to eliminate the cause of the headache. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors also prescribe medications?

    Chiropractic Physicians are non-prescribing doctors. Pain management doctors may be helpful, however pain meds never deal with the cause of the pain. They will only mask it. First find out the cause of the pain/ condition, or problem. I have spent my entire professional career finding the cause of the patients pain. And focusing on the nerve system and the structural presentation will usually reveal the cause of the problem. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor correct my limping?

    In most instances, yes. First a full spinal postural x ray is necessary to determine pelvic bio-mechanics. If there is unleveling of the pelvis, ilum subluxations, and lumbo-sacral mal-alignment, these have to be adressed. Also, the condition of the vertebral disc is essential to proper gait and mobility. READ MORE

  • Does an ortho cushion work for sitting long hours?

    I believe you are referring to a lumbar support cushion for a chair. These are good to use. However, if you have low back pain, the best sitting is with your knees lower than your hips, or by using a backless chair, with a knee support. READ MORE

  • I am having a lot of hip pain that doctors say is due to spinal degeneration. Can a chiropractor help?

    The hip joint is fed by nerves from the lumbar and sacral plexus of nerves. DJD of the hip joint socket can also cause lots of pain. The clinician must determine whart the cause is, and an MRI of the linbar spine and affected hip joint may be warrented. If the spine and spinal nerve roots are involved, then corrective chiropractic care can be very efective and even eliminate this pain. READ MORE

  • My mother's back is hunching. Can a chiropractor help?

    Probably over 40% of my patient population is 70 and older. With light force and no force chiropractic techniques, even those with osteoporosis and degenerative arthritis respond very well. READ MORE

  • I am having pain in my calf muscles. What is the treatment recommended to get relief?

    The spinal nerves may be involved in this situation. Or, it may be as simple as a calcium defficiency and a problem with dehydration. Blood testm may be necessary. READ MORE

  • My mother has been having pain in her legs, mainly while sitting. Can a chiropractor help in any way?

    Firstly, the doctor needs to determine the cause of the leg pain. Circulation should be checked. If a disc in involved, as it many times is, then sitting at a 90 degree angle will compress the L5 disc and irritate the nerve root. This pressure can be abnormal, affecting the innervation to the legs. Corrective chiropractic care can really help. READ MORE

  • How can a chiropractor help me treat my hip pain?

    The differential question needs to be knowing the exact location of the pain. Nerve tracing can be helpful here and it is done at our offices with a thermograph scanner. A postural full spine x ray will ascertain the pelvic bio-mechanics, and show the doctor what has to be done to correct this. READ MORE

  • I have a weird discomfort in my right leg. What could it be?

    In this situation it could be a sciatic nerve irritation, or a sciatic neuritis. In addition, it could be a muscle spasms from some activity done. At our office we would use our myopulse modatity to activate the muscle memory and repair the muscle fibers. READ MORE

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