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Colloidal Silver Benefits

Colloidal Silver Benefits

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a product sold as an ointment, nasal spray or as a liquid supplement. The primary aim of its marketing is because it treats a variety of disorders. A colloidal silver composition includes silver colloids, silver proteins, and ionic silver. The word colloidal refers to silver particles that do not dissolve in a liquid but rather remain as suspension. Colloidal silver is beneficial and safe. Its common use is as a topical analgesic. However, a doctor’s consultation is necessary before ingesting it.

Marketing of products containing colloidal silver occurs in the form of supplements that are dietary in nature. These products come in forms that require ingestion, injection, or application to the skin. In the manufacturer’s product information, these products are cure-alls, which boost the immune system, treat cancer, and fight bacteria and viruses. Manufacturers claim the products also treat HIV/AIDS, shingles, herpes, prostatitis and eye infections.

However, the above health claims have no authentication whatsoever in the medical world. The unproven claims about the products have made the Food and Drug Administration take legal action against some manufacturers of the product.

Currently, the level of harm that colloidal silver can cause to the body is not apparent. However, colloidal silver builds up in the body tissues over months, even years. When there is a significant build-up, the result is a blue-gray discoloration of the skin, gums, nails, eyes and failure of internal organs like the kidney. This condition is referred to as argyria. The concern with argyria is that it persists even after stopping the use of the silver products. The concern is cosmetic. However, no serious health problems can arise from argyria.

Doses of colloidal silver that are in excess have the potential to cause kidney damage and neurological problems (seizures) that are irreversible. Nevertheless, such cases are rare. In some cases, a colloidal silver product may interfere with medication as it interacts with them. These medications are penicillamine, quinolone antibiotics, thyroxine and tetracycline.

Colloidal silver benefits

Colloidal silver benefits have little place in the modern medicine world. However, this may soon change as more and more studies show the importance of colloidal silver. Some of the benefits of colloidal silver include:


It is a powerful natural antibiotic as it has antimicrobial powers. It is useful in killing viruses, bacteria and fungal infections. This is according to a 2011 study that found that silver nanoparticles could act as an alternative to traditional anti-fungal medication for conditions that are Candida related. Another Taiwanese study found the importance of colloidal silver in eliminating antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and MRSA. Furthermore, scientists in the past discovered that the elimination of 650 different types of pathogens is possible when exposed to silver particles.

Fight inflammation

Colloidal silver relieves pain and discomfort resulting from swelling and inflammation. It also speeds up the healing process and assists in recovery. In recent years, a National Institute of Health research discovered the use of silver in animal treatment, after exposing silver on pigs’ skin. The pigs with skin inflammation showed a near recovery after 72 hours. Those treated with means other than colloidal silver still had skin inflammation.

Clear up eye infections

Colloidal silver soothes and cures eye ailments such as conjunctivitis, sties and pink eye because of its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. To administer treatment, add 2 to 3 drops of colloidal silver to the eye, repeating the procedure 3 to 4 times a day. Alternatively, use it as a spray or eyewash.

Treat ear infections

Colloidal silver kills fungus and bacteria of different kinds. Because most ear infections are due to bacteria, colloidal silver is a promising remedy, more than current prescriptions that only treat specific bacteria. A swimmer’s ear is no exception to colloidal silver treatment. To administer treatment, add 2 drops of silver to the affected region twice a day until the symptoms disappear.

Soothe burns, cuts and scrapes

Colloidal silver is perfect for scrapes and minor cuts. It has a stimulating effect on the skin and tissues leading to healing. At the same time, there is no inflammation. A research article in Pharmacognosy Communications even recommends the use of colloidal silver when treating burns.

Ease skin conditions

Skin conditions like pimples, blackheads, psoriasis, cysts, inflamed skin and redness are typically embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable. Treatment with colloidal silver does the trick regardless of the cause of the condition (bacteria, fungi and virus) and further speeds the repairing of the tissues damaged. A simple application of colloidal silver before you sleep produces useful results within a few days.

Beats colds and flu

The standard drugs for cold and flu treatment are decongestant drugs. However, Italian Drug Agency prohibits their use in kids less than 12 years old. In such a case, colloidal silver becomes a necessary remedy. It reduces the severity and length of a flu or cold due to its antimicrobial properties.

Pneumonia treatment

Antibiotics fight pneumonia or bronchitis; however, there is a limitation in their potential when the cause of pneumonia is viral. Colloidal silver, on the other hand, kills a variety of pathogens hence an effective treatment in the case of viral pneumonia. Treatment is through ingestion or inhalation using a nebulizer. Only use one teaspoon of colloidal silver 10 to 15 times each day. In a few days, there will be a change in the condition.

Cures a sore throat

Use colloidal silver when gargling as it will pick and eliminate the various pathogens that cause distress and pain in the throat.

Perfect for gardeners and gets rid of pet odors

Colloidal silver use extends to killing plant infections and fungus that are harmful to crops. Furthermore, the dousing of an area (using colloidal silver) that a cat or dog regularly sprays gets rid of the odor and stops the pet from marking the area.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver uses

In medicine, colloidal silver is used in creams, to dress wounds, and to provide an antibiotic coating on medical equipment. Furthermore, there is a tentative support that endotracheal breathing tubes that have silver coating reduce incidences of ventilator-related pneumonia.

How to make colloidal silver

The relevant materials for the process are a power source, distilled water, a current regulator diode and a colloidal silver container. The steps to take to make homemade colloidal silver are as follows:

Proceed to connect batteries (9 volts) in a series connecting the positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of another battery. Attach alligator clips to each of the terminals. At the end of the clip in the negative terminal, proceed to attach the alligator clip that comes with the diode.

Connect two silver rods to the leads and put them in water, ensuring that they rest on the bottom of the side of the colloidal container. Furthermore, they should not touch one another to prevent a short circuit from occurring. Ensure that no other external substance gets into the water and that the alligator clips are not in contact with water. This is because they can begin shredding their particles in the solution.

Depending on the volume of distilled water, it takes hours before the silver particles saturate the water. Therefore, one should pay close attention to the water during the first attempt. The water usually turns into a yellowish color. Putting a piece of white paper under the container illuminates the color of the solution. you can observe and record the amount of time this takes so you know for the next time you make colloidal silver. Upon completion of the first batch, pour the colloidal solution into one of the containers set aside.

For home use, the sublingual method is common. In some cases, direct ingestion is also possible. Direct ingestion works, but it is usually not necessary. The primary reason is that the body takes 10% of the ingested silver. The body flushes out the other 90%. The best recommendation is to swish the silver solution in the mouth for up to 10 minutes. This type of administration is better as it makes the colloidal silver safer and efficient. Furthermore, there will be no concern of the deposition of 10% colloidal silver.

Where to buy colloidal silver

Online and retail stores of GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe sell colloidal silver products. Amazon has various retail stores where a purchase is possible. Walgreens only sells the product via their online purchasing platform.

According to NCCAM, colloidal silver’s composition is a suspension of silver particles in a liquid base and usually marketed as a supplement that is dietary in nature. However, there are various unsubstantiated claims about colloidal silver which the Federal Trade Commission and FDA have taken legal action against its manufacturers. According to FDA, the product’s approval is still pending. The basis of the claims about the product is the opinion that most customers have inadequate silver in the body. The view presumes that the inadequacy can cause diseases. Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims.

The NCCA reports that the use of colloidal silver has severe effects. Excessive buildup of colloidal silver in the body causes the skin to have a blue tone. Furthermore, some customers report liver problems and kidney conditions.

How to identify a safe colloidal silver product by color

The color of colloidal silver solutions and ionic silver will range from clear to dark. A solution with higher concentration of silver particles is darker than the one with little concentration. It makes the solution opaque. However, the dark color observation should not be the primary basis. This is because silver proteins also have color ranges that go from amber hue to an almost black color. Therefore, for correct identification shake the solution. Silver protein produces persistent foam after shaking.

Silver particle concentration indicates the type of product, but does not determine the overall efficiency of the product. True colloidal silver and ionic silver contain 3 to 20 parts per million. Silver proteins can contain 30 to 20,000 parts per million, but, such concentrations are unsafe.

Colloidal silver products

Ionic silver solutions

The ionic silver solution comprises of both silver ions and particles. These solutions are usually 90% ionic silver. The other terms relating to such solutions are monatomic silver, covalent silver and silver hydrosol.

Silver protein solutions

Such solutions have a protein binder and silver particles. The current labeling of such is either mild silver protein or silver protein. In the solution, the silver particles are typically large and require a protein (gelatin). However, the protein requirement makes the solution vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Furthermore, the large silver particles make the solution unsafe for consumption as it can lead to argyria.

True colloidal silver

The majority of what makes up the solution is silver nanoparticles, usually more than 50%. The remaining 20 to 49% is ionic silver. The difference of the two is that a nanoparticle is a complete silver atom, whereas a silver ion is an atom having an extra electron that it obtains when binding to a molecule of water.

Colloidal silver for pink eye

Common eye ailments are blepharitis, conjunctivitis and styes. Eye infections are usually due to bacteria, virus or fungus. They affect any region of the eye and are common in individuals who wear contact lenses. Pink eye can disappear on its own but requires immediate treatment in some cases. In conventional treatments, the use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory is common. Colloidal silver is an effective alternative remedy for common eye infections. In unique cases, health practitioners administer colloidal silver to newborn babies. It is, however, imperative to take good care of the eye and consult a doctor if immediate attention is necessary.

Common types of eye infection:

Bacterial: This is an infection resulting from bacteria. The common remedy is the use of antibiotics in the form of ointments, pills and eye drops.

Viral: A good example of a viral infection is conjunctivitis (pink eye), which is highly contagious. Therefore, avoid sharing towels with others and close contact with victims. Furthermore, ensure to wash your hands regularly. The same virus is also responsible for common colds. Pink eye can last up to 7 days.

Allergies:  Conjunctivitis resulting from allergies improves after treating the allergy. Always contact the doctor if symptoms persist.

What you can do: Buy a pack of clean disposable eye droppers that you will use. Using the same eyedroppers can spread infection. Alternatively, ensure to sterilize the glass dropper in between use. Using the droppers, add 1 to 2 drops of colloidal silver to the eyes before bedtime. Repeat the same until no residual eye crust is present in the morning. It takes about 3 to 4 days. Alternatively, buy colloidal silver that is in gel form then proceed to administer to the eyelids. This is common when treating styes.

Colloidal silver nasal spray

The product assists in the natural immune defense in the nose and eliminates fever, inflammation and allergies. The nasal spray minimizes discomfort and redness experienced with the common cold and flu. Furthermore, it is useful in unblocking the nasal passages and clearing nasal congestion. Colloidal silver nasal spray can also be used for a lengthy period.

Using colloidal silver in a nasal spray bottle for sinus and allergies

Colloidal silver is useful in knocking out sinus infections and eliminating symptoms of nasal allergy. The necessary materials to administer the treatment are 5-10 parts per million solution of colloidal silver and a nasal spray bottle. Instead of buying a nasal spray, there are tutorials for making a homemade nasal spray or squeeze bottle over the internet. The tutorial also explains the administration process of using colloidal silver (intranasally) to achieve maximum benefits. Some tutorials further explain the various commercial places where the glass nasal spray is readily available for purchase.

Colloidal silver and irritating sinus problems

When sinus problems become irritating, colloidal silver offers a solution. There are four ways to use the colloidal silver; using with a nebulizer, with a nose dropper, with a neti pot and with a nasal spray or squeeze bottle. The listed methods are convenient for persistent coughs resulting from drainage of the sinus down the throat.

Colloidal silver, allergies, asthma, and inflammation

Most allergies and asthma are associated with respiratory inflammation whose primary cause is pathogens like Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. A recent study published in Leukocyte Biology Journal reports that Pseudomonas bacteria are responsible for many respiratory inflammation cases. Fortunately, recent research shows that colloidal silver can destroy the Pseudomonas pathogen.

Using colloidal silver and a neti pot

Individuals suffering from sinus infections usually find themselves in a recurring position of despair when using prescription drugs and surgeries. However, these types of methods do no alleviate sinusitis (sinus infection that is at the chronic stage). The treatments only serve to help the sinusitis symptoms. In fact, the use of pharmaceuticals drugs and surgeries for sinusitis treatment can make the condition even worse. In some cases, the drugs are risky and do not ensure quick and efficient recovery. Nevertheless, safe colloidal silver that is all natural can act as an alternative for treating chronic sinus infections quickly and more efficiently.