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COPD-Focused Telemedicine

COPD-Focused Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine

E-health, or telehealth (other terms for telemedicine), allows doctors who specialize in respiratory health make use of electronic tools and wireless devices to provide primary care consultations with their COPD patients. Through videos, photos, and live chats, referral with another specialized physician has never been this easy. For example, when the patient develops complications related to the heart, they may easily transfer figures with a cardiologist.

Another great thing about telemedicine is that monitoring admitted patient’s real-time data (x-rays, ECGs, and other laboratory results) can be conveniently performed wherever the doctor may be — at home, another hospital, or even somewhere where they wouldn't normally be able to be reached. Through this method of communication, the specialist can easily adjust the patient's oxygen supply and medication,  and prescribe further instructions to test the progress of disease or recuperation online.

Health education for patients with COPD, with the help of telemedicine, can now be expediently performed. Patients can now learn what food and drinks are suitable for their health condition. They can also learn proper deep breathing techniques and physical exercises suitable for relieving difficulties with breathing. For patients who have undergone surgeries, the physician can explain what to avoid and what to incorporate in the patient's daily routine.