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What is P90X System?

What is P90X System?

P90X system is an extreme home fitness training program that claims to give you a lean and fab body at the end of a 90 day session. The training is provided through a 12-DVD set video program that features workouts for specific parts of the body. The program asks for six to seven days of regular one hour workouts in a week. These are intense programs and those who opt for the system are expected to take a fitness test to see whether they are capable of taking up the rigorous schedule. The program also provides a fitness guide, a nutrition plan and a calendar to chalk out the progress of the program.

The workout includes upper-body exercises, yoga, plyometrics, stretch exercises, core strengthening workouts, cardio, and ab rippers. There are 12 DVDs with different set of exercises of varying schedules so that the body does not get adjusted to one set of moves. The principle is similar to that of periodic training used by athletes to improve their condition. Experts are of the opinion that varying the workout schedule does help in bringing better fitness benefits when compared to routine programs. Thus in this 90 days program, the weekly schedule of workouts is changed once in three to four weeks. It also provides the flexibility to change according to the needs of the individual.

The nutrition plan included in the system is given in three different phases:

  • Fat shredder phase – This is the first phase of the program in which a diet high in protein but low in carbohydrate and fat is recommended.
  • Energy booster phase – In this phase an optimal mix of proteins and carbohydrates are included in the diet with small amounts of fat.
  • Maximizer phase – This phase focuses on improving endurance by including more of complex carbohydrates, moderate amounts of proteins, and little fat.

For individuals who are fit physically, this system is ideal to lose body fat and to improve the muscle tone. This schedule is convenient to do it at home, without much equipment. The variety in the program prevents boredom and motivates to perform further. The nutrition plan is also well explained in the booklet with appropriate recipes, which makes it easier to follow.

Thinking of the cons of the system, this is not for people with any of the chronic medical conditions like diabetes or obesity. In addition to the original cost of the program, one should also get few other resistance training equipment, like weights and bands. Moreover, the initial phases of the nutrition plan are based on low-carb diet which is not suitable to follow for a long duration.