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Health Benefits and Uses of Bergamot

Health Benefits and Uses of Bergamot

Bergamot Orange is a citrus fruit that has a very pleasant fragrance and a very fresh scent. The fruit is by itself very nutritious and has several known health benefits. Its oil extracted from the fruit peel is also known to be an excellent supplement which helps in dealing with several health issues including cholesterol , blood sugar levels, obesity and so on.

The scientific name of this fruit is Citrus bergamia. The fruit is almost the size of an orange and has a yellow color which makes it resemble a huge lemon. According to genetic research conducted about the origin of this fruit citrus cultivars have discovered that bergamot orange is probably a hybrid of Citrus limetta and Citrus aurantium exhibiting the qualities of both.

While there several benefits associated with this fruit, excessive use on the skin could result in photosensitivity which could increase the chances of greater damage from the sun exposure. Also when consumed more than the recommended quantities and for specific purpose, it could result in a toxic impact on the body.

Bergamot is available in multiple formats including as a fruit, essential oil, tablets and as herbal tea. Each of these have their own benefits and should be used for treating specific ailments. For people suffering from chronic health disorders must not consume this fruit without getting prior advice from the doctor.

Largely speaking Bergamot oil is known to boost confidence and acts as a mood enhancer. It also has anti bacterial properties that helps in healing bacterial infections and can help in removing marks from the skin. Apart from these properties, Bergamot oil is also a wonder oil that helps in relieving headaches and muscular tensions. It also helps in stimulating hormonal as well as digestive juices.

What Does the Bergamot Smell Feel Like?

Bergamot has a very captivating and intriguing fragrance which is a unique blend of citrus and spicy fragrance notes. It is this fragrance, that has made it a fast seller among perfume sellers.

Bergamot works as an excellent base fragrance which can be blended easily with other fragrances like jasmine, sandalwood, rosemary etc. to create unique perfume combinations. Both the fruit and the oil have a distinct fragrance which cannot be missed out on.

Health Benefits of Bergamot

Different forms of bergamot have varied health benefits. Available as tea, capsules and oil bergamot can be used to treat various ailments of the body. Although the benefits may not show up immediately, in the long run it does show a positive impact. Another warning that is given to people using bergamot for treating health ailments is that overdose of bergamot can have contradictory impact or side effects.

Hence, it is best to consult a doctor on the recommended dosage before using or consuming bergamot as a part of any treatment. Bergamot is often used in alternative therapy and hence is not a substitute for the medications.

Here are the proven health benefits of bergamot:

1.    Antidepressant:

Depression and symptoms of depression can often show up in a person in various ways. Some of the most common symptoms that are associated with depression and anxiety are tiredness, perpetual sadness or a feeling of dejection, low urge to have sex, lack of appetite or feeling very hungry all the time, a feeling of helplessness or a general lack of interest in normal day to day activities that a person once enjoyed doing.

Although antidepressant class of medications are often recommended in extreme cases of depression, alternative therapy using natural remedies such as bergamot are often recommended for not so severe cases. Anti depressant medicines have certain side effects that could suddenly become severe leading to personality transformation or even may urge one to have suicidal tendencies.

Hence, before starting on with serious doses of anti depressants, doctors prefer to use natural remedies for depression and also help in treating the problem from the root of it rather than superficially. Bergamot essential oil is an excellent anti depressant and a great hormone stimulant. It helps in secretion of happy hormones in the brain i.e. serotonin and dopamine that help in regulating negative thoughts associated with depression.

The sweet smell emitted by bergamot oil helps in creating a refreshing feeling that spreads happiness and positivity in the person. It also generates a boost of energy by improving blood circulation in the body.

To use bergamot oil, gently rub in two to three drops of the oil into your palms and cup your palms around the mouth and nose allowing the aroma to reach your body slowly. Applying the oil gently on the feet and stomach can also have a soothing effect on the body cutting down all the negativity and depression.

2.    Stimulation of Hormones:

Bergamot oil helps in maintaining the metabolic balance of the body by properly stimulating the hormones of the body. It also helps in maintaining the levels of hormones in the body including the digestive hormones and juices like bile and insulin. This stimulation of hormones helps the body in absorbing the nutrients appropriately and helps in better breakdown of food and glucose in the body to release energy.

Hence, bergamot can be very helpful in diabetic patients who have a problem regulating their insulin levels. Proper balance of hormones in the body also helps in keeping a check on the blood pressure levels in the body. Just add a few drops of bergamot to a diffuser or burner and allow your entire body to soak in its fragrance for optimum benefits. You can also rub a few drops of the oil on your forehead or around the abdomen.

3.    Helps in treating infections:

Bergamot oil has essential bacteria treating properties which are very beneficial in maintaining skin hygiene keeping it infection free. Bergamot oil has certain vital properties and compounds that prevent the growth of infection causing germs, fungus and viruses.

Bergamot oil is also very useful in curing the infections associated with the kidneys, urinary tract and the intestines. When bergamot oil is consumed in the form of earl tea, it internally cleanses the body’s system keeping it free from harmful viruses that could trigger various forms of infections in the body. Bergamot oil is often used as an active base ingredient in soaps and cleansers to keep the skin clean and infection free.

4.    Relieves stress:

Bergamot oil contains certain essential properties that make it an excellent relaxant. Slight application of this oil can help a great deal in relieving stress, nervousness and other feelings that are associated with tension and anxiety.

The bergamot oil helps in stimulating the happy hormones in the body like the dopamine and serotonin which send out happy signals in the body there by completely relaxing the body freeing it from unnecessary stress and tensions.

The mild citrus fragrance of this oil will help a great deal in calming the mind and the entire body, there by releasing a feeling of contentment and happiness all over. Just burn some bergamot oil in a diffuser and keep it around the room you are staying in. The constant aroma will slowly work around your brain helping it calm down and relax making you feel better and more in control of yourself.

5.    Reduces pain:

Since bergamot oil enhances the secretions of certain hormones in the body, it reduces the sensitivity of the nerves which are normally associated with generating pain. This is one of the main reasons why bergamot oil is an excellent solution to get rid of symptoms associated with sprains, cramps, headaches and so on.

Rather than having pain killers which can have serious side effects, it is better to use safer and all natural options like bergamot oil which not only effectively relieves pain and tension, but also does not have any harmful side effects. You can also use bergamot oil along with usual medicines for a more enhanced impact and faster relief.

6.    Skin Healing Properties:

Bergamot essential oil is a great antidote to be applied on scars and marks as it helps them heal on the skin. It also improves skin tone by giving the skin an even tone and regulating the supply of melanin. The scars which result due to acne and various other skin conditions can also be eased out and faded using bergamot essential oil.

To get rid of skin irritation, pour about 3 to 5 drops of bergamot oil on a cotton ball and apply on the areas infected by the infection. Adding a few drops of bergamot essential oil into a warm bath can also help in promoting better skin tone.

Bergamot has natural skin cleansing properties which is why it is used in a number of soaps as one of the base ingredients for better cleaning of the skin. Bergamot has therapeutic properties that help heal the skin internally and keep it disease free.

7.    Improves the functioning of the digestive system:

Bergamot oil helps in stimulating the digestive system so that it is able to function more effective. The active stimulation of the digestive system helps in better secretion of digestive juices which helps in better digestion of food.

It also helps the muscles of the digestive tract to work more effectively and helps in better absorption and assimilation of nutrients across the body. Due to its anti bacterial properties, bergamot oil also helps in treating various digestive issues that are triggered by bacterial attacks or instances of food poisoning. Everyday rub about five drops of bergamot oil on the stomach so as to regulate the appetite and get relief from various digestive health issues.

8.    Acts as a body deodorant:

Bergamot oil helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and organisms that are known to trigger body odor in a person. The fresh and citrus fragrance of bergamot eliminates the strongest of odors in the body or in a room. A few drops of bergamot oil in your everyday bath can help in preventing body odor and keeps your skin fresh and fragrant for longer.

Bergamot oil is used in combination with various other fragrances by several perfume companies to develop fresh fragrances that leave one refreshed for long.You can also put a few drops of bergamot on to a cotton ball and apply directly on to the armpits for a long lasting impact of the fragrance.

9.    Helps in reducing temperature:

Bergamot essential oil can also help in reducing body temperature due to a viral or a bacterial attack on the body. Bergamot relaxes the entire body which is fighting the infection resulting in high temperature. Once the body relaxes the temperature automatically down which helps the body relax and fight the infection better.

10.  Cavity protection:

Bergamot oil helps in fighting germs and infections attacking the teeth and the mouth. Its germ fighting properties help in protecting teeth health. When used as a mouthwash bergamot oil leaves the mouth refreshed for longer periods of time. Rub about two to three drops of bergamot oil on to the teeth to protect it from decay and harmful germs.

11.  Kills intestinal worms:

Bergamot essential oil can also help in treating issues of the intestines that occur due to germs and insects. Intestinal worms can have serious implications on the overall health and well being of a person. De worming is an important practice which should specially be practiced for young children frequently. Rub 2-3 drops of bergamot oil externally on the abdomen. As the skin absorbs the oil it will act and kill the infection causing worms in the body.