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Should I go to my school's counseling center?

It's midterms and I am literally so stressed that it's making me feel unmotivated to actually do my school work. I need to focus, but nothing seems to work. Should I talk about my stress with a counselor at my school? We have a center on campus, but I somewhat feel weird about going.

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Yes, go for help. Your anxiety is real. Don't critizise yourself. Relax and enjoy the process.
I would suggest that you go and see the counselor there is nothing wrong or dishonourable about asking for help all world today with all the stress and demands and challenges make life pretty hectic and difficult at times. Speaking to someone who is objective that can allow you an atmosphere to vent and offer different perspectives on your perceptions can always help perhaps seeing three things through a different lens could ameliorate your stress and anxiety even welcoming guidance from a counselor with a fresh pair of eyes can help you view things in an alternative way that could be quieting comforting and supportive. The byproduct of this experience can recharge your batteries and offer a new Fresh Outlook. By all means I support the idea of you making an appointment with the counselor after all what do you have to loseSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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Yes, reaching out to another for emotional processing and support is healing, soothing and safe. Keep reaching out for professional assistance. That is why we are here.
Absolutely you should go. There is no shame in getting a different perspective or helpful tips from outside people. It could reduce the stress a great deal!

It sounds like a useful resource. If you think it could be helpful, you should certainly go.
Absolutely, you may feel weird but if you can get some assistance so you feel less stressed and more focused it will well be worth the visit.
Dear Midterms,

This reply to your question if for informational purposes only and does not constitute treatment or therapy.

Yes, the counseling center at your school, I am going to assume college or university, may be able to help you. Stress can add up into a pretty intense anxiety in situations like this. That anxiety in turn can make it so uncomfortable to even think about the task/test/paper, let alone study or work on it, you just can't get started. This is a very common experience for students of all ages as well as for adults on deadlines.

Immediately contact the counseling center can get you set up with an appointment to try to address the barriers to getting started. Those barriers can be the anxiety I mentioned above or also having so much to do you don't know how to get started. Talking with a counselor to determine what are the barriers and ways to address them can often help.

The counseling center has to keep all you information private, so I hope that might help you feel less weird about going to see them. Also, if you think about it as getting help and assistance in order to do you best, that might help also. That is really what the college experience is all about, accessing help, knowledge, teaching, and new experiences in order to be a smarter, more educated version of you. Going to the counseling center to better understand how to manage your stress can be one important part of that experience.

Good luck with midterms!!
The lack of motivation you're experiencing is part of the freeze response, from flight, fight, freeze. It could definitely be helpful to talk with a counselor at your school about your stress (this represents doing something, rather than nothing, which is good). I hear that you feel weird about going. I'm not exactly sure about why this is the case, but it can be helpful to remember that we all struggle at times with feeling overwhelmed and being stressed, and having someone to talk to in a safe, non-judgmental space can be so wonderful! If you want to talk to someone, but not go to the campus center, you might consider contacting your insurance provider for additional referrals. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!
Hello, this time of the school year can be very stressful. If you feel like you need to speak to someone and you have the school counseling center available to you as an option I would suggest trying it out. It may feel weird because it is on campus. However, they have a ethical and legal guidelines that they are required to follow. Meaning most of what you tell them is confidential with the exception of the required mandated reporting: Child Abuse/Neglect and Elder Abuse. They may also break confidential for Harm to self and others. If you still feel uncomfortable about going there I would suggest looking for a therapist so that you are able to get your stress level under control. You can always call around check prices, or if you have insurance check to see if they are in network. Please email me if you have any more questions or concerns.
Yes you should go to the schools counseling center and they can help and direct you if they cannot.
This link will give you some clues to managing stress: