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Bret Michaels Rocks Diabetes: An Update on his Health

Bret Michaels Rocks Diabetes: An Update on his Health

Photo: Bret Michaels Band by Tom Saunders (Flickr.)

Bret Michaels is a successful, world-renown singer and songwriter who has sold an impressive number of 35 million records across the globe.

Although he has been singing for more than 3 decades, his latest achievements include winning the “Celebrity Apprentice 3”. He was also awarded as the No. 1 man on VH1’s Rock of Love and Rock of Love Bus, and launched his own line of custom guitars for professional guitar players.

However, Bret is also known for the support he has given to charity. For instance, he helped his own foundation, called the Life Rocks Foundation, raise 1 million dollars for charity, sending kids with diabetes to camp.

Another excellent story about Bret’s adventures as a Rockstar rocking diabetes is the one about his latest release called “Jorja Blew”, a song dedicated to his two young daughters. Recorded in his own tour bus and with a video shot by a friend of Bret’s, this sequel of another Bret Michael’s song named “Raine” sends a percentage of its earnings to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. According to sources, this was requested by one of Bret’s daughters.

Bret has a lot of performances per year. He’s currently doing a solo tour with “The Bret Michaels Band” and he is also going on tour as a front-man for for his band “Poison,” who have not toured since 2012. Although he has a pretty busy agenda, none of these professional commitments keep him from attending to speeches, presentations, and even charitable concerts to help others going through a tough time.

Bret Michaels has a very impressive life. Now that he is 54, he shows a lot of enthusiasm regarding his future projects and keeps being as energetic as always. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was still a kid, at the early age of 6.

Touring with Poison

During an interview, Bret Michaels was asked about his tour with his band “Poison”. He answered that there is still a very good relationship between himself and the members of the band and that he has no problem combining his solo performances with the ones he has with Poison. He says he is still living the dream he had as a kid, feeling blessed and doing what he loves to do.

Bret says he always does what he is able to in order to see his children after every show, even if that means having to fly back home at 2 a.m. and only spending one day with them before having to fly back to the place where he is touring at. He says having a positive mindset is essential while on the road.

When he was asked about how he felt about the song, he said he was very excited, especially because of the video. He let the interviewer know that he made the song on the road during his tour and that he finds it very emotional. Although the video has been called “simple” he says that sometimes words are not enough and that pictures and actions may even speak louder than a song alone.

Is there any new music coming around in the future?

Bret Michaels can be considered a workaholic, since he is always writing, recording and playing new music because he finds it therapeutic. At least from Bret Michaels as a solo artist, more music is expected to keep coming around in the future. However, with Poison, the reality is quite different.

He recalls that once they got into the studio again he realized everyone was going in a different direction. Bret thinks that the best decision for the band would be to make another rock hymn like “Talk Dirty to Me.” He is also excited about the idea of partying like they used to in the old times, he says he really loves and respects all the memories they have but he is not the kind of “glory days” guy so he’s always looking forward making something new.

Supporting the military and business acumen

Bret Michaels is known to be a hardcore supporter of the military, when asked about this passion he says it is natural noting that he is the son of a Navi veteran, he has a cousin who is a Navy Seal and his two sisters are part of the Air Force. His opinion is that regardless of the country’s politics, these men and women sacrifice too much for the sake of the country and deserve to be respected and appreciated as heroes.

He was also asked where he got his business acumen and he mentioned his dad had an entrepreneurial mentality, he used to give him speeches on how businesses worked. According to Bret Michaels, his mother was the first person to start a diabetic youth camp in the area. Bret’s parents always told him to find a way to get things done, no matter how difficult they were.

Bret Michaels has been seen at special rooms at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix sharing comments with doctors and friends. He seems to like spending time with people at those units and helping everyone cheer them up. He even created a space for that which is called “The Bret Michaels Hospitality and Music Room at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, the place where he was treated.

During an interview, Bret was asked the reason he created said space and he mentioned he saw a big and beautiful storage room that could be turned into a place where family with children could go and forget about the rest of the world for a while, totally clearing their minds. He also mentioned that he still visits the hospital for his check-ups.

Bret’s current physical status

Bret has mentioned he feels excellent right now, he likes riding his Harley (he is a big fan of motorcycles) he also enjoys riding his dirt bike since it gives him a feeling of freedom.

Regarding his physical status, he says he is feeling excellent, constantly going to the gym and exercising in order to be able to cope with the tour and diabetes with no complications, which he manages to stay on top of. He’s always pushing boundaries and balancing his life while having fun with himself, his friends and his loved ones.

As a last recommendation he says people need to find things they love and not let anybody stop them from doing them, because those things are the ones that actually keep them alive and with all the strength they need to keep going forward.

He says, “You can never fail if you never do anything, but you won’t find success that way either.”