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8 Awesome Nursing Careers That You Might Be Missing

8 Awesome Nursing Careers that Many Might Not Know!

The nursing profession is undoubtedly one of the most noble professions out there because of their dedication to the preservation of human life.

While nursing as a profession in general does not require any type of introduction, there are a significant amount of diverse specialties that are embedded in the career that are probably unknown to many.

Today, we take a look at 8 of the coolest nursing careers that we are sure that most people have never heard about.

  1. NASCAR Nurses: Yes, the popular racing franchise. Sporting activities require the services of medical practitioners and caregivers for a number of untold reasons, with the high likelihood of events ranking as one of the major reasons. Considering the high velocity involved in these races, NASCAR requires a number of nurses and healthcare experts that serve to treat drivers and aim to improve the safety of the races and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Lori Sheppard, a senior director in the NASCAR liaison department manages and focuses on the medical needs of the racing series and has noted that the medical team of nurses are responsible for being in constant communication with racing teams while monitoring the progression of the drivers. The nurses also work with the R&D arm of NASCAR in a never-ending effort to improve safety. There is no shortage of action for NASCAR nurses who visit nearly 30 race tracks that spread across 25 states in Canada. Cool, huh?
  2. Camp Nurses: If you love the nursing profession but prefer to practice somewhere that is more outdoor, then camp nursing might just be what you’re looking for. The Association of Camp Nurses (ACN) have encouraged more enrollment in this field and believe “there’s a camp for everyone.” Apart from the fun and excitement, nurses bring immense value to the camp and once experts can determine what type of camp will benefit most from their wide array of skills and care, it is quite easy to key in to. Camps may offer several options with some including patients with cancer, mental challenges, diabetes and much more, and will typically cut across all ages of youths and adults. Treatment aside, camp nurses may also focus on special exercises such as training, horsemanship, trip camping, internships and other adventurous programs. Camps also have many administrative options and may be run by NGOs, churches or private individuals. 
  3. Hyperbaric Nurses: Hyperbaric nursing is a nursing specialty that is associated with the treatment and administration of patients that are receiving the hyperbaric oxygen treatment options. Hyperbaric chambers have long found their application for treatment of divers who suffer some type of decompression sickness. These chambers also serve many therapeutic functions for many of the regular patient population with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy being used to minimize some of the effects of blood vessel diseases that may result from some medical conditions. Hyperbaric nurses primarily diagnose and treat patients' responses to the alteration of environment when they are put in hyperbaric chambers. Nurses are tasked with having extensive understanding treatment of the symptoms involved in the treatment and the profession features several job opportunities in hyperbaric and wound centers spread around the country.
  4. Medical Script Nurses: Medical script nurses are the go-to professionals for a wide array of plays, television shows and movies year by year. These script nurses are instrumental to making films and shows authentic with their input in medical equipment, vocabularies and step-by-step procedural guidance. These kinds of jobs may not be frequently engaging, and it would be wise for most to see it as a side task rather than a main job, although in cases where these services are required on periodical basis such as a long season movie or reality show, it can become the occupational staple.
  5. Disney Nurses: If kids and entertainment-lovers are your specialty, you’ll love this job. Disneyland resort Guest service manager, Cheryl Talamantes, who has served for 34 years explains how it is like to work in the park, sharing her experience in meeting guests from all over the world and scenarios where there are cultural traditions involved alongside language barriers. Talamantes explains the park has several first aid locations across it and a response location that serves hotel guests. The fun and adventure is also in no shortage as the job may call for attending to patients on submarines or tree houses. Disney nurses also work around the entertainment, as they organize and support up to 4 marathons annually and with the large population of people in the resort, nurses are required to have strong assessment skills and ability to properly relate with people across all ages.
  6. Yacht Nurses: Owning a yacht that serves top class business services to their clients involve offering a wide array of services including on-demand medical care. The yachting crew is typically small and will cover a sizeable number of people with varied skills that serve the business’ requirements and as such a yacht nurse may be required to have other skills that may see him/her float between the stew/deckhand/nurse role. This specialty is similar to engaging as a cruise ship nurse, and while the quarters and accommodation for yacht nurses may be small, the money and experience accompanied by the profession makes it very worthwhile.
  7. Flight Nurses: Flight nurses are usually aboard aircrafts to accompany patients and the flight crew and operate as the first line of medical care should the need arise. Most patients in flights require critical care and the nurses aboard are usually responsible for the care of all direct patients during air transportation from one medical facility to another. These nurses will often work with several paramedics in providing basic and advanced life-saving treatments. For anyone who will embark on this specialty in the nursing profession, it is noteworthy that the Department of Transportation Air medical curriculum requires flight nurses to complete some type of training and have weight restrictions to help accommodate other members aboard. 
  8. Transgender Youth Nurses: America and other nations have became more accepting of the transgender population and this has called for more patients being open about their medical needs at younger ages. Transgender nurses help several youths who have had trouble articulating their feelings to get the required medical treatment. The treatment requirements may call for professional service in hormone treatments, outpatient surgeries, pubertal blockers and chest binders. Some nurses have explained that the best part of their duties is their satisfaction for playing a role in helping people become their authentic selves.

The list goes on as many other thrilling specialties as cannabis nurses, health policy nurses, fitness and nutrition coaches/nurses are all available for career investments. This doesn’t mean that traditional nursing jobs are uninteresting or ordinary as many will feel that there are also extensive benefits with the more traditional nursing careers, which may include access to state of the art equipment, amazing growth potential and the integration within a significantly effective and purposeful medical team.

Whatever your option is, we are certain you’d enjoy it as the nursing profession is ever blissful, but it is worth mentioning that a simple change of career may embody the success you’ve been looking to find.