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15 States Perfect for a Nursing Career

15 States Perfect for a Nursing Career

Hold a nurse’s certification? Want to live where you can maximize your nursing skills? There are many things to think about when deciding where to live and where to be a nurse.

Lifestyle, amenities, costs, and quality are huge factors that you must consider. Here are the 15 best states for nursing professions today.


Let’s begin with Texas. The Lone Star State has fantastic home prices. Texas is the fifth best state where you can make a good living as a nurse.

There is no state income tax in Texas, and the median household income is $55,653. A middle of the road home price is only $160,000 (according to Zillow). There are some gorgeous places to live in Texas. Texas General Hospital in Grand Prairie provides the highest quality of medical care and an excellent opportunity for professional growth and training.

After-hours amenities are plentiful, and there are wonderful venues that await you in Houston or Dallas/Ft. And, hey, if you love BBQ, Texas is a great place to live.


With so many people crowded into one state, nursing jobs are high paying and plentiful. California has a mandated nurse-to-patient ratio, and there are many teaching hospitals throughout the state.

Home prices are not affordable, but you can always find something to fit your budget. California lists 300,000 actively licensed RNS, which makes nursing the most significant health profession in the state.


Vermont is one of the best places to live. The Green Mountain state is number 3 on CNBC's list of America’s ten best "States to Live in for 2016." Low crime rates, universal insurance coverage and access to healthy living are only a few of the reasons why nurses love Vermont.

One of the healthiest states in the nation, one of Vermont's best hospitals is The University of Vermont Hospital. The University of Vermont Medical Center, College of Medicine and College of Nursing and Health Sciences form 138 academic medical centers in the country. Healthcare experts include researchers, teachers, nurses, and physicians with experience in leading-edge therapies backed by laboratory and clinical research.

Vermont is perfect in the fall. Picturesque sights, and friendly people are some of the most awesome perks. You might want to take a Vermont traveling nursing job to make sure you miss none of the sights.


Massachusetts holds the number 1 spot on USA Today’s list of Americas Best States to Live In. The poverty rate, education opportunities, and life expectancy rates are just a few of Massachusetts’ recommendations.

There are tons of historical sites, cultural amenities, and sports teams to keep you entertained. The food is incredible, and the housing is reasonable. Many little enclaves in Massachusetts offer someone with a nursing degree an opportunity to try out different nursing methods.


Iowa is among the nations’ Most Livable States. The cost of living is 5.3% lower than the national average.

Fun nationally-known state fairs and low commute times to work are among the reasons why Iowa is a great state for nurses to work. If you are sick, there are 10 top rated hospitals in Iowa to visit. The nursing care is phenomenal, and nurses' reputations are high.

Check out the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City. The University of Iowa Hospital is a teaching hospital and a Level I Trauma Center. Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines is a not-for-profit Catholic hospital with state of the art rooms and equipment.


Florida is a high need state for nursing care. There is no state income tax in Florida and beginning a career in Florida is at the top of nursing selections.

There are loads of waterfront properties, and the median rent is less than $1000. Florida is an excellent place for a traveling nurse. Free housing is available during assignments, and you can visit warm sunny beaches and theme parks on your time off.


Washington has breathtaking scenery for you to visit on your time off. It is a health-conscious and physically active state. Washington boasts of a great median wage ($54,000 starting.)

There are many nursing jobs in Seattle and towns along the coast. Statistics recommend travel nursing jobs in Washington. Travel nursing positions are plentiful.

North Carolina

North Carolina is warm and welcoming, and its essential healthcare system is a pleasure for nurses to apply their professions.

North Carolina has general affordability and ranks as one of the best states for nursing careers. You can visit the mountains, and the beaches all one day. Small towns are plentiful, and nursing jobs are easy to find.

Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC is the flagship of western N.C.’s health system. The health system employs approximately 12,000 people. Mission has partnered with a California technology company and its 937-bed urban hospital system to develop programs for stroke, sepsis, as well as heart failure.

New York

Becker’s Hospital Review leads nurses to New York’s 214 hospitals. More hospitals create more opportunities for nurses.

There are hundreds of attractions and amenities in NYC, and outside the city, there are the Adirondack Mountains and complete visitor experiences.

New York boasts incredible hospital with excellent health care. New York-Presbyterian, Mount Sinai, and NYU Langone Medical Center have ten nationally ranked adult specialties. Nurses can pick from these nationally ranked adult specialties and gain more nursing education. Opportunities for learning are open to nurses of every experience in New York.


Colorado is number 6 on the USA Today’s Best States to Live in. The nursing market is robust, and the low unemployment rate at 3.5% offers job opportunities for nurses.

After your shift, there are plenty of entertainment venues. Fresh mountain air, premier ski resorts, trails, hiking and outdoor activities will fill your life in Colorado.

Denver, Colorado has three hospitals that are nationally ranked by U.S. News. The University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora ranked high for its specialties in cancer, kidney disorders, pulmonology, and rheumatology. National Jewish Health in Denver is a nationally recognized Jewish Health center in Denver. Its specialty is pulmonology.

Nationally ranked, Craig Hospital of Englewood specializes in rehabilitation.


Alaska is one of the highest paying for the nursing profession. It has a lower population of nurses and jobs are plentiful. If you do not want to move to Alaska permanently, try a travel nurse assignment in Fairbanks.

If you want to live in Alaska, it is easy to attain a six-figure income. With its remarkable glaciers, mountain peaks and incredible wildlife, Alaska could be perfect for your nursing career.

Work for the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. This hospital is high performing in procedures and condition of the hospital. There are many small hospitals in Alaska that offer employment for nurses. It just takes the right nurse to enjoy the beautiful state of Alaska.


Wisconsin boasts one of the top-rated health care systems in the county. There is a relatively low cost of living and Wisconsin is one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.

Scenic and quaint towns and unspoiled scenery await you at every turn. St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison serves the community and plays an active role in community affairs. St. Mary’s Hospital-Madison is one of the best hospitals in Wisconsin. It specializes in pediatrics to senior health. The nurses here take the time to listen and understand the needs of patients.


The robust healthcare network in Minnesota makes this state a great place to secure a nursing job. The renowned Mayo Clinic makes its home in Minnesota. Minnesota has a low unemployment rate and a stable job market for healthcare professionals. If you love to shop, the largest mall in America is in Minnesota.


Indiana is one of the Best States for Young Families. There are more than 160 hospitals in Indiana and thirteen are ranked high by U.S. News.

Indiana University Health Academic Health Center is nationally ranked in 7 adult specialties and ten pediatric specialties. Indiana University Health North Hospital is #2 in Indiana and is high performing in 3 adult specialties and four procedures and conditions.


Hawaii is the healthiest state in the U.S. It has a very low rate of preventable hospitalizations. Smoking and drinking continue to decrease. Potential RNs and travel nurses love Hawaii with its unbelievable scenery and laid-back lifestyle.

If you are sick, go to Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. Nurses can work in cancer, endocrinology, ear, nose and throat, neurology and neurology service plus pediatrics.  Listed as the best hospital in Hawaii, there are openings right now for nurses.

Whatever state you choose to work in, nursing opportunities are abundant. Hospitals are screaming for caring nurses who are passionate about their careers and taking care of patients. You can write your own ticket if you have a current nursing certification.