Things You Should Avoid While You're Pregnant

Things You Should Avoid While You're Pregnant

Undercooked poultry, eggs, and meat

Pregnant women are prone to food borne illnesses. To avoid these illnesses, all meats must be cooked fully. Eat eggs that have firm yolks and whites. Eating raw eggs, or even soft scrambled eggs, not safe for you are the baby. Processed meats, like hotdogs and deli meats, must be eaten when they’re very hot.

Seafood high in mercury

Protein and omega-3 fatty acids are some of the nutrients you could get from eating seafood. However, some sea food contains high levels of mercury, which could be dangerous and harmful to the baby, affecting the development of the nervous system.

Seafood thatis raw or undercooked

Raw and undercooked seafood contains harmful bacteria and viruses. Avoid eating sushi, sashimi, as well as raw scallops, oysters and clams. Pregnant women should also avoid uncooked sea food especially the refrigerated ones.

Unpasteurized Foods

These types of foods could lead to food borne illnesses. Examples include brie, feta, queso fresco, and queso blanco. Unpasteurized juice and milk should also be avoided.


Caffeine can pass through the placenta and ultimately affect your baby by increasing its heart rate. The recommended amount of caffeine for pregnant women is less than 200 mg per day.


Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy have increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Alcohol consumption also has bad effects on the baby. Moderate alcohol consumption can affect the development of the baby’s brain while too much alcohol can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. This condition causes facial deformities, mental retardation, and heart defects.

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