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Are panic attacks while taking anti depressants normal?

I am 27 years old and I am currently undergoing treatment for my depression. Ever since I have started taking depression medicines, I have been getting panic attacks often. I think the medicine is working otherwise. Is it normal or is it an indication that my condition may be worsening? Is this a common side effect of anti-depressants?

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Some anti-depressants have been known to increase anxiety in some patients.
The most prudent course of action I would suggest is to inform the physician who prescribed the anti-depressant in question of your experience and see if an different medication regimen or a different dosage of the same medication could continue to successfully reduce your depression without triggering any panic attacks.
Anti-depressants are not reliable. They work for some and backfire on others. They are actually a chemical lobotomy that make hit the right spot or not. If you stop taking them you can get to the heart of the matter. Usually people who are depressed were neglected at an early age and are forbidden to know it or say it. If you talk to your therapist about your early childhood, you will probably burn it up naturally.
No, but your depression could be the result of having anxiety and panic attacks. Talk with your prescribing physician.
Though anxiety and panic attacks occur with depression, if you notice that your panic attacks started after your anti-depressant medication, it’s possible that though the med is treating your depression, it also has a side effect. Please see your prescribing physician and report this — there are other meds that treat both anxiety and depression. Because we do not currently have a blood test to accurately predict what you will respond best to, you may need to take anti-depressants on a trial-and-error basis, until you find one that you respond to, with minimal side effects. You definitely should not have to suffer from panic attacks. If your prescribing physician is not a psychiatrist, I suggest going to one in that they have expertise with this class of medications. Also, seek out the help of a psychologist/therapist, who will help you develop skills to better manage both your depression and panic attacks.
Prescription medication in and of itself is insufficient. It may take the edge off or create unanticipated side effects.Need to also explore the contributing factors in your daily living through counseling with a therapist to identify the conscious and subconscious factors reinforcing these behaviors.
I suggest contacting your psychiatrist as this may be a side effect, how your depression manifests, or combined anxiety & depression. S/he may prescribe a different SSRI such as Effexor and/or add an anti anxiety medication.
Hi. I am so sorry to hear that you have been struggling. I would suggest that you speak with your prescribing psychiatrist to inquire further about these concerns. They will be able to advise you best based on the particular medication and your current symptoms. Also, it might be helpful to speak with a psychologist who can provide you with techniques which might be helpful in managing the anxiety and symptoms of panic. Please feel free to let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Take care.
This is a complex question. It is important that you investigate these with your prescriber. It can be complex to treat depression and anxiety at times with meds. I hope you can talk to your counselor or establish with one.

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Psychotropic medication is very useful in conjunction to individual therapy and treatment for depression and anxiety. However, this is a really good question for your psychiatrist since they are the prescribing doctor.
Have your psychiatrist evaluate the medication protocol - if your depression is minor/moderate and not severe CBT could work well without medication.
That’s hard for me to answer that question. Yet it is very possible that any medication can have side effects. You should consult your doctor or therapist if you have one. Also, you can ask yourself, has there been any changes since you started taking these meds.
Some antidepressants can cause anxiety. You should speak to your doctor and perhaps try a different antidepressant.