Psychiatrist Questions Manic Depression

How can I overcome manic depression?

I'm 27 years old, and was diagnosed with bipolar and manic depression. Can talk therapy or other things, alongside my meds, help me overcome this?

8 Answers

Yes. Therapy can help with bipolar illness. I would recommend continuing the medications as well.
Yes and you need it and need to want to change and get better
Unfortunately as of right now the only thing that has been proven to control manic episodes is medications such as mood stabilizers. You can try acupuncture but it has to be with someone who has experience in mental health
Yes, I am a strong believer in psychotherapy in conjunction with medication. It works best if you can find a psychiatrist who you are comfortable with who also does psychotherapy.
Hello and thank you for reaching out. It is difficult to answer your question without knowing the details. But yes, talk therapy alongside with the proper medication and medication compliance has been proven to be effective.

If it gets really bad, there are several hotlines you can call and ask for help such as:

3. 800-273-8255

Please reach out for help. It is hard right now, but with the help of your family, friends, and professionals, you can get past this.
A good resource is the following link:
Definitely. Talk therapy can be very helpful; however, for most folks, the combination of medication and therapy is the most effective approach.