Acupuncturist Questions Weight loss

Can acupuncture help with weight loss?

I have tried everything to lose weight. Diet, exercising, yoga - nothing is helping me. Can acupuncture help with weight loss?

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It can. You need a full assessment.
It can help
Absolutely. However, one should figure out the causes of the weight issue before committing to any weight loss program. The benefit of acupuncture includes working on the causes/underlying conditions, enhancing one's willpower and reducing the appetite, speeding up the metabolism, etc.
Acupuncture helps regulate your metabolism and homeostasis. We have points to reduce water retention and improve your circulation. We have points to reduce your cravings or calm down your sympathetic nerves if they are hyperactive, so that helps your digestion.
Also it’s always recommended to bring your blood work report, so we can have a better assessment to rule out any autoimmune or thyroid diseases.
You can try body acupuncture + ear acupuncture + exercise + diet + yoga.
The short answer to your question is YES, acupuncture can help with weight loss and weight control. However, acupuncture is only part of the solution to the weight loss issue. Taking control of your diet by knocking out refined sugars and junk food are essential to good health as a rule. Weight loss happens naturally as your diet improves as well. 


Dr. Lau
The short answer to your question is YES, acupuncture can help with weight loss and weight control. However, acupuncture is only part of the solution to the weight loss issue. Taking control of your diet by knocking out refined sugars and junk food are essential to good health as a rule. Weight loss happens naturally as your diet improves as well.
Acupuncture or acupuncture pressure (in the body and/or on the ears) primarily controls your appetite. People still need to do exercises and eat smart/less.
Acupuncture, itself cannot directly cause one to lose weight, the therapy can be part of the assistance one needs to reduce excess weight. We need to assess the reasons why the weight loss is not coming, be it physiological, emotional or creating new healthier habits. These things combined will help one create a healthy weight.
We have great weight loss program using acupuncture.
Absolutely. Though I still work with suggesting diet and lifestyle changes, acupuncture can help remove blockages that may be preventing you from seeing and feeling results.
I like to say that acupuncture helps to improve the factors that may otherwise be inhibiting weight loss. By this I mean acupuncture can balance the energies of organs, improve circulation, decrease anxiety and other factors causing stress eating, improve sleep, and decreased cravings. What the patient must understand out is that acupuncture cannot control what goes into their mouth. What goes into their mouth.
Yes and no. Yes, there are acupuncture points in the ears that can help with compulsive eating. But most of the patients I see need to do other things, as well.

I always start with the two-day detox cleanse from Isagenix to rid the body of the fat that's been surrounding the extraneous toxins that are floating around in our bodies that the liver couldn't handle.

And then we talk about diet. I don't believe in "going on a diet" because we always fall off of them. But there are usually things that you can eliminate that will naturally bring your weight back into line, like processed sugars and carbs.

We also talk about thyroid function and get levels checked.

And of course we talk about the necessity of exercise, not only to maintain healthy body weight, but for stress reduction and blood pressure control, as well. I like the 30 minute workouts that you can get at many gyms. They consist of a set of machines that will work out every major muscle group, are fast and mindless, and can therefore be snuck into a busy schedule 3 to 4 times a week.

As we age, our metabolisms slow down making losing weight even harder. Having a healthy gut and using supplements like probiotics and food enzymes can also make a huge difference, not only in our ability to properly digest and use the food we eat, but also in our immunity to sickness.

It's all part of the web that is our body, each part connected to and affected by all the others. So most problems don't have just one solution. It's a "community" effort.

Don't give up!!

For weight loss, I recommend diet and exercise. Acupuncture can help to suppress your appetite. Plant-based diet and exercise worked for me. Count your calories with small portions. It is a hard hill to climb. The only diet that helped me to lose pounds was plant-based diet. Good luck.
It certainly can. Acupuncture brings balance back to the body. There can be foods, chemicals, environmental factors and more hindering the body's ability to let the weight go. We work on all of it.
Acupuncture can help with the body's metabolism and can help with hormonal balancing and help the digestive system work smoothly - but it cannot make you lose weight on it's own. You would need to consult with a dietician, and an exercise program tailored to your personal body to help it completely. Diets don't work alone and exercise doesn't work alone - it is a full life style adjustment that has to happen. It also takes time and work - and you should also check for any physical issues i.e. thyroid problems, etc to see what may be an issue with your body's mechanics.

Discuss your situation with a licensed acupuncturist who works with weight loss patients as well as finding a nutritionalist and proper coach.

Good luck.
Hello. As long as you are willing to change your lifestyle acupuncture will help but you should know that acupuncture is not a "magic pill" and does not work by itself in weightloss problem
I've seen some studies showing acupuncture's effectiveness in weight loss and I've seen some studies showing acupuncture has little to no effect in weight loss.

I'd suggest three things:

1. Pay a visit to your primary care physician and have some blood work done. Specifically, you're interested in thyroid levels. The thyroid produces hormones that have a lot to do with metabolism. If your thyroid hormone levels are low, you're going to have a difficult time managing weight.

2. Try some different types of diet. My experience with weight loss patients is there is no one diet that is best for everyone. Each person is unique and different diets are going to be more effective for different people. Calorie in vs calorie out is a vast oversimplification and rarely works for folks who want sustained weight loss.

3. Find an NCCAOM national board certified acupuncturist in your area who works with weight loss patients and has a fairly good track record. You can find local practitioners by going to and using their "Find a Practitioner" tool.