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Can hernia mesh cause problems years later?

I am a 20 year old male. I want to know if hernia mesh can cause problems years later?

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It can, but it usually does not. We use a lot of mesh in hernia repairs and the vast majority of patients have no issues.
It is unlikely
Hernia mesh for the most part is safe, and the majority of patients with hernia mesh never encounter problems. However, the answer depends on the mesh itself, where it’s used and why
The vast majority of people have no long terms issues with hernia mesh however there is a small chance hernia mesh can cause problems years to come. The most common complications are infection which decrease over time and also the feeling of the mesh. Obviously it depends on the type of mesh and how the surgery is done.
There was a nice study from Denmark showing there is small increase in mesh related complications every year even after 10 -20 years
Hope this helps.
Yes, secondary to adhesions, a hernia or your body not taking the mesh.
It is uncommon to have long-term risks of mesh. I usually quote my patients a rate of <5%.