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How effective are acupressure slippers?

I came across a product online called acupressure slippers, which seem to massage people's feet as they walk. How effective are these slippers in reality? Do you think they'd have the same effects?

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I do not know the slippers. I would say if they are cheap, give it a shot. However, no way will it compare to going to an acupuncture clinic and getting an experienced evaluation.
I would not buy them, myself. Just as nothing in real life is a "one size fits all," our medicine doesn't work that way either. But there is not shortage of snake oil dealers who would love to capitalize on our success as a field and sell you something. It is possible they work, and it is likely they don't at all either. If you came to see me, I wouldn't just apply pressure on points on your feet... but who knows.
There are numerous acupuncture/acupressure points all over the body. Everyone's body condition is different. Stimulating a few acupressure points by wearing slippers is definitely not as effective as needling specific points based on one's unique condition.
Not sure if they’d have the same effect.
In my experience they are not therapeutic, but most likely do no harm. wear them if you feel comfortable in them and judge for yourself.
Acupressure slippers probably feel great for sore and tired feet. I imagine they would help relieve symptoms of plantar fasiitis as well. As for addressing health conditions I can't really say. There is only one major acupuncture point on the bottom of foot. In reflexology there are many points to address imbalance and health concerns, so there may be some benefit and you're sure to get a massage out of it, but I wouldn't rely on it to provide much relief from any major health conditions.
I'm sure they feel great, but probably only as effective as you are at standing in them the right way to apply pressure to the selected point that corresponds to your treatment.
Another term in acupuncture is "Nourishing the Life." Acupuncture is like a body menu to teach us how to use our body in order to maintain it longer and reduce the diseases to a minimum. Some acupuncture points are called nourishing the life points, which you massage everyday, and can help your body to get stronger (bring up the immune system). So, there are many points in our feet that are nourishing points; as you use acupressure slippers everyday, it can benefit the inner organs to work properly.
I do not think they'd have the same effect, no.
Honestly, I think they're a nice foot massage. There is only one acupuncture point on the bottom of the foot so these slippers likely activate foot reflexology points which is a different medicine. Additionally, they are not massaging specific points that will help you heal in any way. Every point we use is selected for a reason. To activate all of them simultaneously only confuses the body and can do more harm than good. Think of it like taking every over the counter medication at once to treat a headache. The aspirin may help, but the tums, NyQuil, and laxative certainly won't.
I have never seen acupressure slippers, so it is difficult for me to give an experienced answer on this question. However, I would assume that they would be more likely to work like reflexology than Chinese acupuncture/acupressure. Reflexology is more of a micro-system on the bottom of the feet that images the human internal organs.
These would not be as effective as an acupuncture treatment, as the accuracy of the point location would be difficult to ensure. Acupressure is a great tool that can be done by just about anyone with a little guidance, but I wouldn't invest my money in slippers for this purpose.

Many blessings,

Caitria Thiele, LAc MSOM
There are many pressure points on the bottom of the feet, but only one acupuncture point. So, the pressure points accessed with "acupressure" slippers may be more related to a system such as reflexology that correlates areas on the feet to organs and systems of the body. A practitioner of reflexology can be a better judge of the slippers.
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While slippers may be helpful in stimulating reflexology points in the feet, they would only be massaging a few acupuncture points (if any at all). I'd say that they can't hurt and can possibly support general well-being, but shouldn't take the place of an individualized, targeted treatment.

Health and happiness,

Kathleen Ellerie, LAc, Dipl. O.M.

These slippers stimulate the reflexology points in the feet. I believe they work and can get some benefits, but everyone's feet are slightly different, so these slippers may not get the best results.

Jonathan Fang
Acupressure slippers are effective at stimulating the circulation. Their effect is broad and non-specific, which means they cannot take the place of an acupressure or acupuncture treatment. Slippers cannot diagnose or respond to feedback given by the wearer.

Yvonne R. Farrell, DAOM, LAc
The acupressure slippers are good for the points on the bottom of the feet, but for a good physical evaluation and treatment, it is best to go to your local Oriental Medicine practitioner.

Susan Friedrich
I have never used or seen them. I couldn't tell you with confidence if they would work or not. My thought would be that they would shift too much to be effective for any one thing.
I am not familiar with acupressure slippers but I would assume they would be more likely to follow reflexology theories than Chinese Medicine(TCM)/acupuncture. I assume the stimulation is on the bottom of the feet and there is only one common acupuncture point located there in TCM.
Although there are several meridians and points in the foot, all but one are on the tops or sides, not the bottoms of the feet. So though I've not heard of this product, I can't say I believe they work on the acupuncture meridians.

Having said that, there are many nerves in the soles of the feet, and it's been known for a long time that there are reflexology points there that can support organs and help with back pain. Since every body is different, and everyone has different problems, using these slippers would be a kind of hit or miss shot gun approach that may or may not help you. Depending on how expensive they are, it might be worth a try.

Hope this helps.
I am not a big fan of products marketed to the general public that run along this trend. If you buy the slippers and they make you feel better because they massage your feet, then by golly go ahead and use them. They are not, however the same as getting an actual treatment through acupuncture or acupressure by a trained professional

This is a bit similar to lying down on beads for a massage - sure it will press on some areas, but it is not massage therapy. I would rather people spend their money on services tailored to their specific conditions.
They are not harmful. The action of the slippers is based on foot reflexology, not for treatment. However, they can regulate your functions of the body.

Dr. Daisy
There are foot acupuncture points to help different problems. Theoretically this acupressure slipper should help if it is designed according to the foot acupuncture points. I do not see this product so I could not answer how effective these slippers are.
The best way is to find a licensed acupuncturist for diagnosis and treatment.
I have never heard of acupressure slippers, so I cannot say how effective they are. My personal opinion is that it would be more effective for you to manually do acupressure to your feet, or even better yet, have someone else, such as a licensed acupuncture physician, do it for you. They are properly trained in knowing exactly where the points are and what they stimulate, and it could be beneficial for you. The reality is, one of the side effects of the treatment is to relax the body. It would be very difficult accomplishing a state of relaxation as you walk.

Yours in health!
Sorry, I am not familiar with these slippers. But there are acupuncture points on the bottom of your feet. I am sure it will help you to stimulate those points while you are walking.