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How is redness of the eyes treated?

I am 23 years old and I suffer from extreme redness in my eyes. Whenever I travel or am exposed to even a little bit of dust or pollution, I get severe itching and redness in my eyes. What could be the reason?

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From what you're telling me it sounds like you might have a slight allergy, but I wouldn't be able to tell definitively until I saw you in the exam chair. There are prescription drops that you can get to help alleviate the itchiness you're experiencing. There is also a drop called Lumify that is now over-the-counter to help whiten the sclera (white part of the eye).
Hope that helps.
Topical ocular allergies. Try an over-the-counter allergy eye drop like Zaditor morning and night for a couple of weeks. If it helps, stay on it during the allergy season.
Have your eyes examined. It sounds like you have ocular allergies.
Redness of the eyes is extremely common because there are many different causes. Based on your symptoms, it sounds like yours is a combination of evaporative dry eye and ocular allergies. The best thing to do is get checked out at your local eye doctor to determine the best treatment strategy as it sounds like you have multiple factors leading to your redness.(This is a medical eye problem and should be billed to/covered by your medical insurance, not a vision plan.) In the meantime, washing your face frequently with cold water when you have itchy eyes and using chilled eye drops will help with allergy related itching and redness, so will ketotifen fumarate allergy drops (generic OTC Zaditor) 2x/day. As for the evaporative dry eye, using lipid based tears os helpful: Soothe XP, Retaine, Systane Balance, Refresh Advanced, and Refresh Mega are available over the counter.
You need an eye exam. usually patients who suffer from allergies take allergy pills daily. This may help and you should wear sunglasses, preferably polarized to protect your eyes from the dust. There are also drops for the eyes, but you should get an eye exam to rule out any other problems.
If you are exposed to the wind, air conditioning, computer, reading for a long time can cause dry eyes and your eyes can turn red. I recommend artificial tears at least 4 times a day, if this is the case or when you are exposed to any environmental situation.
Eye drops for ocular allergies can take care of your problem. Some OTC drops that I recommend are zaditor. You can get a prescription eye drop for eye allergies, too.