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How long does swelling last after chin liposuction?

I will have chin liposuction. How long does swelling last after chin liposuction?

4 Answers

After chin liposuction, the swelling can be there for a few weeks. However, every day you should feel like it is going down. There are several steps that you can do to decrease the swelling. First, you can sleep with your head elevated. Second, you can continue to wear the chin harness that should have been given to you. And finally, you can get lymphatic massages or ultrasound therapy to allow for the swelling to go down faster.
Swelling after any liposuction lasts many months. Because of the way that fat and skin are attached to the chin bone, this is not a very ideal area for liposuction. If you mean removal of fat from the neck under the chin (double chin), then the situation for recovery is much better, although subtle swelling will persist for a good while.
It can be at least two weeks. You can minimize this by following your doctor's orders. There can be a dressing and this needs to stay in place. Keep the head elevated and the chin extended. Also, if the procedure is done by a knowledgeable doctor, you will have the procedure done correctly and the post-operative orders will be correct. The time this continues is determined by the course of healing.
2 weeks is typical. Some patients have swelling or firmness up to 4 weeks following submental liposuction.