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I am due for an extraction tomorrow and I am worried. Please help.

I need to get braces for my upper front two teeth. However before proceeding with the treatment, my dentist has suggested that I should have my upper premolars extracted. I am extremely worried if it is the right thing to do. Please help me.

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Extraction of permanent teeth prior to Ortho treatment is a very common practice. The space created will be closed by the orthodontist.
I am assuming you are getting braces on all of your upper teeth, not just 2 front teeth.  Often in adults with overbites, the orthodontist will recommend extracting 2 premolars to allow the front 6 teeth to be straightened and retracted to improve alignment and overbite.  If this sounds similar to your situation, it sounds right.  Of course, I don't have access to your diagnostic records.
To put your mind at rest you should get a second opinion from an orthodontist.
An orthodontist is a dental specialist who has had two or three years of additional training in correcting the bite and moving teeth.
Extractions are very common in orthodontic treatment. That said, you've mentioned your dentist has recommended extractions. Only an orthodontist is formally trained qualified to diagnose and treat misaligned teeth and jaws. I recommend everyone consult with an orthodontist when considering orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist will know if extractions are necessary for a perfect result. Many people like to get second opinions as some orthodontists can achieve the same results with a different course of treatment. I hope this has been helpful.
This can be an acceptable option in certain cases, especially for an adult. To determine if this is the best option for you, you should be evaluated by a fully trained orthodontist who has completed an orthodontic residency.
The need to have premolars removed for orthodontic treatment is not uncommon...in fact, in many cases, it makes treatment go MUCH smoother more efficiently. This often means less time in treatment...and everybody loves shorter treatment time. I can assure you that your extractions will be easier than you think! With today's local anesthesia, they will make sure you don't feel any pain!
Nothing to worry about!
I'm sorry for the delay in answering your question. I hope the procedure went well and your progressing in your orthodontic treatment. There are several reasons we recommend extracting teeth, so i'm not able to tell you my opinion without completing an exam first. Again, sorry for the delay... Dr. B.
Let me know what I can do to help.

Tony Skanchy, DMD, MDS
I am sorry to learn of your worry. Please know that if you are feeling unsure about this next step, you should not be afraid to discuss this thoroughly with your dentist. This is understandably a very big decision and you should not proceed until you are confident that this is indeed the right choice for you and that you have had an opportunity to ask any and all questions you might have. In addition, you may want to seek a second opinion. Please know that extraction of teeth in conjunction with braces is a procedure that is occasionally necessary to provide the best and most healthy outcome for an individual. I hope that you find this answer helpful and wish you all the best with your decision and with your treatment.
If you are worried about this, you should discuss your concerns with your orthodontist and feel satisfied with the answers to your concerns. If you are not, you should get a second opinion and be certain that your choice is the correct one before doing an irreversible procedure. Hope that helps.
Good morning. Before proceeding I would review the treatment plan with whoever is providing the orthodontic care (i.e. the dentist or orthodontist) to make sure all your questions have been answered. Thank you!