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Is fever after a root canal normal?

Is it normal to get a fever after a root canal treatment? If it is, or isn't, why would it happen?

9 Answers

Fever is a symptom of infection so you need to return to the Dentist to see if that is a source of the infection.
No.... probably another cause
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Not likely. Fever after a root canal would imply a possible infection
It wouldn't be out of the question because the infection in the tooth cause the need for root canal is also close to the brain and lots of vascularity, nerves, and muscles and it is a busy place with chewing speaking swallowing and muscles of facial expression what causes inflammation to spread all over the head.
No, it is very uncommon, but not unheard of. This usually only occurs if there are other underlying health issues.
No. If an infection becomes systemic, it will cause other symptoms.
Not common at all. Possibly the contents of the infected canal could be pushed through the tooth apex causing infection. It's most likely just a coincidence.
You should not have fever after treatment of root canal. Fever should reduce after endodontic treatment.
A fever is a sign of bacteria in the blood stream. This can possibly be cause by the germs coming from the tooth. You should take an antibiotic for 7 to 10 days. Call your dentist immediately.