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Is minoxidil safe for male pattern baldness?

I have a lot of dandruff after I started using minoxidil for male pattern baldness. Should I stop using it? What should I do?

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Minoxidil is a good and safe treatment. Unfortunately, it has some (severe) side effects such as impotence. Alternative and safer treatments are PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, LED therapy and ultimately hair transplantation. On the website, you can read more about these treatments:
Your scalp is possibly "drying up." You need a high quality shampoo and conditioner to improve the moisture of your scalp and take care of the weaker hair follicles.
That is a possible side effect of the minoxidil. Continued use will likely continue to cause dandruff. Stopping it will let it settle down over a few weeks. May need to try other hair products such as Nioxin, but it may not reverse the hair loss as well as minoxidil
The dandruff you have developed may be a side effect of the alcohol in the minoxidil preparation. Alcohol can dry the scalp skin. You could consider trying another product for hair growth, such as Finasteride.
Dear inquirer:

It appears that you may be having a reaction to the vehicle where the Minoxidil is diluted. Please consult a dermatologist for evaluation. Thank you for the contact.
Hi and thank you for your question. Minoxidil is a very safe medication, overall.